Mana Shield

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Surround yourself with your mana to absorb 90% of damage. Mana is drained per damage point absorbed. Also reduces the duration of stuns and silences. Lasts one minute, or until 200% of your base mana was absorbed.

Required Class Mage
Skill Branch Arcane
Available at Level 1
Prerequisites N/A
Range Self
Cooldown 1 second

Skill Usage

Mana Shield is a skill only available to Mages, in the Arcane skill tree. By using mana, a Mage protects itself through Mana Shield. When active, there is a blue sphere around the user. When damage is inflicted on Mana Shield, the user of Mana Shield loses mana, depending on how much damage was received; Mana Shield blocks almost all the damage for the user. If used too much in battle, it'll leave the Mage with no mana. With no mana, the user cannot defend itself. Mana Shield deactivates itself when: the user has no more mana, or when 200% of the user's maximum mana was used to block damage.

The purpose of Mana Shield is to block a significant amount of damage with mana; this way allows Mages to take hits easier by utilizing their source of power. Arcane Focus (Lv. 1) increases Mana Shield's duration and efficiency greatly.


  • At level 22, Charm of Mana when equipped adds an effect to Mana Shield that absorbs damage up to 50% of your magic up to 20 seconds, once occuring only every 30 seconds.
  • It is often used as a last resort to protect yourself when your health is low, barely survive high damage attacks or in short bursts during boss attack patterns to reduce the duration of stun or silence.


Skill Level Mana to Damage Absorbed
Lv. 1 1.25 Mana
Lv. 2 1.00 Mana