Infernal Heat

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Improves your fire spells, increasing their damage and causing your Fire Wall to knock back enemies. In addition, your Embers spell has a chance to increase your casting speed for 20 seconds.

Required Class Mage
Skill Branch Fire
Available at Level 1
Prerequisites Embers or Fire Wall Lv. 1
Range N/A
Cooldown N/A

Skill Usage

Infernal Heat is a passive skill that improves the overall damage of your fire spells, also giving additional effects to Fire Wall and Embers. While it serves a natural priority to put points to max out the skill, some Mages consider maxing Infernal Heat to be entirely optional and share mixed views as whether or not to add points into it. Either way, both decisions will benefit in some way for mages.

Infernal Heat increases the damage of your fire spells by 2% per skill level. It adds a knock back effect to Fire Wall, allowing enemies to be pushed away by a short distance once coming in contact with it. In addition, it gives Embers a 50% chance to cast Pyromaniac, a buff which slightly reduces your casting delay of all spells dependent to the level of Infernal Heat.


  • The Pyromaniac buff from Embers reduces the casting time of your spells by -0.035s, multiplied by the skill level of Infernal Heat. At Lv. 5, the Pyromaniac buff can reduce the casting time of all spells by -0.175s, which is about 0.2 seconds off your regular casting time. This can be further decreased by increasing your Dexterity stat.
  • The added knockback effect for Fire Wall has a limit placed on how many times it can knockback a single monster. After the third attempt in which a monster tries to cross your Fire Wall, no knockback will occur with the monster, allowing it to pass through.
  • In some boss fights with a group, players will tell you to not use Fire Wall on the boss despite being able to deal more damage with it. This usually means that the boss can be knocked back, which can be annoying for tanks when the placement of the boss is sensitive. One suggestion from a few mages is to have zero points in Infernal Heat, so that those bosses that can be knocked back will be unable to with a Fire Wall, but still being able to dish out more damage with it.
    • For example, a strategy for Shade of Curly from the Cursed Farm is to keep Curly on the burning stove (placed on the edge of the platform), while the tank is just outside of it to deal more damage to the boss. Knocking back Curly with a Fire Wall will cause Curly to fall off the platform, breaking the strategy.
    • As a result of this, Fire Mages can decide to have zero points (a Fire Wall without knockback but lose out on the effects), have one point in it (to keep the knockback effect and save on skill points for other skills), or to max the skill entirely (to make better use of the Pyromaniac buff and the damage).


Skill Level Fire Pts. Required Damage Increase
Lv. 1 - 2%
Lv. 2 4 4%
Lv. 3 8 6%
Lv. 4 12 8%
Lv. 5 16 10%

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