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A class stone allows you to have more than one class at your disposal through the use of skill sets. These stones allow to you to play another class on the same character without needing multiple characters. There are many advantages to buying class stones, but because of how tedious and expensive it is, most players shun away from it and go with multiple characters instead.

General Information

You can only be one class at a time. You cannot be two classes at once.

Class stones are a long term investment for your character, and you may find complications in having to acquire more equipment as you compete with other players for the same drops (e.g. rather than going for all Mage equipment, you have to pick up Warrior equipment as well). As the level cap increases, you have to spend time farming experience among all of your classes just to level up. But the advantage of it is increasing your accountability (having more roles for other players to choose from for you to play). In a group that may ask for a tank, having a Warrior can qualify you to carry out that duty.

If you do not play a certain class for a long time, you may be rusty in certain roles and won't do a good job as the role you always do. It is important that if you're aiming for several classes, you have to maintain your skill for each of them.

How to Acquire a Class Stone

You have to reach a point in the game where you are capable of tackling the Tunnels of Illusion, the Cursed Farm dungeon (at least level 34) and have access to Blackwood in order to complete the following steps below. You also need a lot of gold, which is gained by farming monsters/dungeons, collecting drops and selling them to the Auction House or an NPC.

1. You have to complete the quest line (beginning with the quest Under Pressure) given by Elly in the Tunnels of Illusion.

2. A Gem in the Rough: By following this quest line, you will find that you have to complete the Cursed Farm dungeon in order to acquire a specific quest item from a Rock Spirit, found by defeating the real Aeris at the end of the dungeon. You'll then be asked to find Cereus, located at the Temple of Trials.

3. A Gem in the Rough II/Farming for Crystals: After talking to Cereus, you have to travel to Blackwood Hive to find Tera. She will tell you to find the spirit Yvi, which lies on the trail to Blackwood Caverns.

4. A Class By Itself/Old Familiar: Yvi will tell you that she sold the stones to Andy. This will open up the ability to purchase class stones from Andy in his shop.

5. A class stone requires 540 gold (because you're buying it from Andy). Once purchased, they have to be traded to Tera in her shop in order for them to work. Use the class stone in your inventory and it will be consumed. The class should appear as a skill set under your Skillbook as a button on the bottom-right corner of the page. When more than two skill sets exist, instead of switching automatically to the other, the button will show a list of skill sets that you currently possess.

Adapting to a new Class

After receiving a new class and switching to it via your skill sets, your character for that class is at level 1. You have to be responsible for raising your class through rigorous farming to level it up to where your main class is.

Some challenges may include:

  • Making space in your bag to carry equipment towards that class. If you do not have the necessary space, you might want to consider getting a larger bag. Equipment sets can help organize the kind of equipment you want.
    • If you are unsure what kind of equipment you need, Mages and Hunters are two classes that only need an equipment set that focuses on damage. Priests require both damage (that is, the same equipment for Mages) and healing (mana-focused equipment with more int and dex than magic on it). Warriors require both damage and tanking (defensive equipment having lots of armor, magic armor, stamina, etc.) equipment.
  • Gathering equipment for that class. Because you begin at level 1, you have to collect low level and high level armor that will help your character progress as they level. If you know beforehand to collect equipment instead of getting rid of it immediately, it will benefit you for your new class, and save time trying to get the same piece of equipment all over again.
    • Organizing your equipment sets to fit as many different roles as needed. For example, having both warrior and priest may cause you to create four equipment sets, two for damage dealing and healing on a priest, and two for damage dealing and tanking on a warrior.
  • Getting used to the feel of the new class, after already being experienced enough with your main class. In this case, you may want to ask players that have spent a lot of time in that class to teach you how to use it.