Equipment Set

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An equipment set is a saved layout of armor, allowing you to equip many pieces of equipment at once without having to individually go through each piece of armor in your inventory.

It can be unlocked (for free) as you make your way into the game as a result of a quest line from helping Kay and Jasmine in Ashaya Village, beginning from Outfitters and ending with The King's Outfitter. The maximum number of equipment sets that you can have is 10.

How the Equipment Set Works

When creating an equipment set for the first time, go to your equipment tab and click on the hanger button on the top-right. Hovering over it should show "Manage Equipment Sets".

Once you click on the button, another tab should appear, named Equipment Sets with a scrollbar and two buttons underneath, displaying "Add" and "Equip". You'll be asked to enter a name for your new set when pressing "Add", before it is created and is automatically equipped. When creating a set, it takes whatever equipment you are currently wearing and remembers it. You have now created your first equipment set.

If you want to create another equipment set, you will have to change your equipment first in order to see the difference between the first one you made, and subsequent sets later on. In order to use an equipment set, you simply either use the "Equip" button on the equipment sets tab, or double-click on the one you want. Clicking on the pencil will allow you to rename that set, while clicking on the "X" will cause you to delete it.

When you want to make changes to that equipment set (having different pieces of armor and/or costume), it is easier to update it. The button beside "Manage Equipment Sets", indicated by a loop is called "Refresh Equipment Set". Make sure you've equipped the equipment set you want to change first, then change the equipment that you want to change before pressing Refresh.

Making Use of Equipment Sets

You want to have an equipment set that will cover just about everything there is for your class (if you've purchased Class Stones, you want to have an equipment set that serves it's use for each individual class). A recommended combination of equipment sets is as follows:


  • Damage dealing set (prioritizes Attack values first-most, then Strength, Agility and Dexterity stats).
  • Tanking set (prioritizes Armor, Magic Armor, Stamina and Maximum Health values first-most, then Attack, Strength, Agility and Dexterity stats).


  • Damage dealing set (prioritizes Magic values first-most, then Intellect and Dexterity stats)


  • Damage dealing set (prioritizes Magic values first-most, then Intellect and Dexterity stats)
  • Healing set (prioritizes Intellect and Maximum Mana values first-most, then Magic and Dexterity stats)


  • Damage dealing set (prioritizes Ranged Attack and Dexterity values first-most, then Agility stats)


  • Costumes are saved alongside the armor that you are wearing for an equipment set. You can also have missing pieces of equipment on you, and save it as a set.
  • You can reuse the same pieces of equipment for another set.
  • You can have no pieces of armor and save it as a set. This makes it easier for unequipping all of your gear.
  • When trying to use an equipment set saved with armor that you do not have in your inventory, it will leave the current armor you have on you. For example, you have a leather cap equipped on you, but you had a mining helmet saved on your equipment set, and yet you decided to leave the mining helmet in storage. When you use the equipment set, it will still keep your leather cap equipped, but changes everything else.
    • This can be useful when you want to keep a specific charm or glove on you while your equipment changes.