Moonlight Monastery

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The Moonlight Monastery is a dungeon located east of Argan Village, a bit north-east of the Twigmoss Burrow. It is one of the major dungeons that can be found in the game. You will investigate and put an end to the damage done to the spirits of Argan Jungle that was caused by the two forces leading their pincer attack: the rogue cultists and the invading demons of the Dark Abyss.

It is unlocked via Roc's quest line, where you follow the journal's trail in A Diplomatic Mission of Sorts from the monastery to the Argan River (Hunting for Traces). Eventually, you'll arrive at the quest Breaking the Seal, where you join Nyss as well as other spirits in breaking the magic seal placed on the monastery door. After the events of this quest, the Moonlight Monastery will be open.

The recommended level for The Moonlight Monastery is 29 to 31, and adventurers above level 34 will be scaled down to that level for the dungeon. It is also recommended that you have at least 3 or more players before starting the dungeon. A typical group set-up will consist of one healer, one tank and one or more damage dealers.

In comparison to other dungeons, The Moonlight Monastery allows adventurers to choose the modes of difficulty they want for each boss, with the exception of Celeah and Goldsnare. Note that when facing the easier mode of each boss, the equipment that drops will be much weaker.



Name Gorath
Epithet Emissary of the Depths
Level 33+
Classification Formless
Element Dark 4
Health 118,000
Resistances Immune to stun, freeze, silence, sleep and charm.

Gorath is the first boss that you'll encounter in the Moonlight Monastery's Hall of the Spirits. He can be found in the center of the map, among four whelpling statues and a small water canal flowing from the map's right side. Gorath's defending element is Dark 4, making it heavily weak to Fire (+50% more damage) and Light (+100% more damage) attacks. Permanently attached to him is a buff called Holy Resistance that reduces the damage taken by 25% from Light attacks.

As you approach the map for the first time, you'll see four Cultist Warlocks attempting to summon Gorath. Defeat them first, in order for Gorath to be summoned. The Cultist Offerings near the entrance of the map set the difficulty of the battle. If you choose to destroy the offerings, the mode will be set to EM, otherwise it will be on HM. In EM, the only difference to the fight is that Gorath won't summon whelpling statues to aid in battle.

Name Whelpling Statue
Level 29
Classification Brute
Element Earth 1
Health 300,000
Resistances None

The main abilities that Gorath use are:

  • Hellfire: This is Gorath's signature attack. Usually placed at wherever the player with aggro is currently standing, it leaves behind a area of flames that inflicts fire damage every second for several seconds. At the same time, this can cause Whelpling Statues to burn up.
    • When Hellfire is placed on a water source, such as the water canal in the map or if a healer uses Healing Springs, it will be extinguished.
    • Hellfire can be interrupted with the use of Disrupt or Smite, but in HM, you need Hellfire to deal with the whelpling statues. It can easily be dodged by moving to the side, or having your entire group stand in the water canal, thus avoiding the need to interrupt it in the first place.
  • Pound: During the battle, Gorath will stop attacking and begin to cast Pound. Once he is finished casting, he immediately leaps in the air and does a ground pound. Any player who is currently on the ground will be sent high into the air, interrupting their currently cast spell and silencing them for a couple of seconds. This inflicts moderate damage (fall damage included).
  • Reanimate Statue: In HM, Gorath summons a Whelpling Statue over the course of the battle. The whelpling alone is strong enough to finish off players in your group, or at least heavily damage them if left unchecked. Gorath can summon up to 4 Whelpling Statues if the fight drags on long enough, but on average you'll only see 2 to 3 whelplings.
    • The Whelpling Statue has three abilities: Fire Ball, Fire Breath and Shatter. If you cannot freeze it with Flash Freeze or put it to sleep using Nightfall, you should save your Smite/Disrupt for Fire Breath.
    • A whelpling statue that has been burnt, then cooled by the water canal will be vulnerable, and destroyed in a couple of hits. When they are about to be destroyed, the whelpling statues use Shatter, damaging nearby players for lethal amounts of damage. Move away quickly to avoid the damage from Shatter.
  • Frenzied Claw: Gorath will randomly target a player, attacking them and nearby players (causing hitstun) constantly every 0.3 seconds for weak damage and stunning them. At the end of this attack, the player who was originally the target of the attack sustains a nasty debuff, heavily damaging them over time for 10 seconds.
    • If you are a Mage, you can use Mana Shield to avoid most of the stun from Frenzied Claw if you anticipate that Gorath will go after you. Then, remove Mana Shield to avoid wasting any more mana.

Strategy (HM)

The strategy for Gorath is to keep attacking him as usual. A Mage or Priest can use AoE spells on Gorath, since he is immune to knockback. Although you can stand in the front of Gorath (since he doesn't have Swipe), it is generally preferred by most groups for the tank to be in the front, while the rest of the group is in the back.

Once he begins to cast Pound, wait a few seconds until the casting bar on Gorath reaches about 80%, then jump. If you jump too early, you'll land back on the ground just as Gorath is about to use Pound, and get caught in the attack. Do not use any spells with casting time during this period, and focus on making the jump (or else you'll be interrupted and silenced). During each Frenzied Claw, make sure that no one else is standing near the person that is being attacked, and let the healer patch up the player that received the debuff.

In EM, you would just have the entire group go to the right side of the map, and stand in the water canal on the right side of the map to get rid of Hellfire. However in HM, you want to keep Gorath centered and having him stand in the Hellfire, while the rest of the group is just outside of it. The tank should not use Growl at all in the fight. Once Gorath uses Reanimate Statue, have a damage dealer pull the whelpling statue toward them, and lead the whelpling into the Hellfire. Then, use Flash Freeze or Nightfall to keep the whelpling in the Hellfire so they burn up. After the whelpling receives the burning debuff, have the damage dealer break the whelpling out of freeze/sleep, then pull them towards the water canal. The whelpling should freeze in place, and immediately become vulnerable. Then, get away from the frozen whelpling and quickly use spells to finish them off before it can unfreeze.

The trophy Shatter Resistant requires you to defeat two Whelpling Statues within six seconds of each other, then defeat Gorath. This means that after defeating the first Whelpling Statue, you have to defeat the second one in 6 seconds. The group will have to wait until a second whelpling statue spawns, then attempt the burn and cooling strategy.

The trophy The Spirits That I've Cited... requires you to defeat Gorath on Hard Mode.

Goldsnare the Binder (Optional)


"Stoopid spiders! You no take my shinies!"

Name Goldsnare the Binder
Epithet Cultist Snake Handler
Level 31+
Classification Brute
Element  ?
Health 51,300
Resistances  ?

Goldsnare is an optional boss in the Moonlight Monastery's Garden, representing the second boss fight in the dungeon. The garden can be reached from the north portal in Hall of the Spirits after defeating Gorath, or by falling from the left side of the Balcony (you can avoid Gorath if you use invisibility, or passing through the brief period after the cultists are defeated and Gorath is about to be summoned). The garden is teeming with several snakes, as well as a few Cultist Nightguards. Goldsnare can be found at the end of the garden, among the cages of trapped snakes. How the fight works is very similar to the Twigmoss Burrow dungeon; players controlling spiders (each with their own role) work together to defeat the boss. Refer to Twigmoss Burrow for more details on the role of each Twigmoss Spider.

All Twigmoss spiders retain the same level and abilities from the Twigmoss Burrow in this fight. However, the Twigmoss Protector (red) gains an additional ability called Harden Chitin. The ability begins with a 3 minute cooldown as soon as you select that spider, but reduces damage taken by 75% (up to 800 damage) for 7 seconds.

The trophy Fangs of All Trades requires you to beat Goldsnare while under each of the different spiders. This means that you'll have to beat Goldsnare three times under three separate runs.

Periodically, a Napalm Strike will target the area that one of the group's spiders are currently standing on (shown with a orange marker). This can instantly 1 hit KO a spider that has gone AFK or unable to react in time. At the same time, this can deal damage to a snake if timed correctly.

The trophy Bullseye! requires you to defeat a Venomous Mossbiter (one of the snakes in the garden) using the Napalm Strike. This may require you to deal damage to the spider beforehand, and wait until the Napalm Strike shows up. Then, have your spider wait next to the targeted area, while the snake is standing directly on it.

The main abilities that Goldsnare uses are:

  • Poison Dart: Attacks all players in the vicinity, dealing weak damage and inflicting an debuff that deals weak damage over time.
  • Seeping Poison: Goldsnare will randomly target a player (other than the tank), inflicting a debuff. The player receives a green aura around their spider. At the end of the debuff, an acid pool (that expands) is dropped underneath where the player is currently standing.
  • Summon Minions: At each phase (noted by the indicators on his health bar), Goldsnare will release the locks on his cage, causing a couple of snakes to come out. He will also flee to the top of the nearby cliff. At this time, Goldsnare is invincible and cannot be attacked. After defeating all of the snakes, or a certain amount of time has passed will he come back down. There are three summoning phases.
  • Enrage: Shortly after all snakes have been defeated, Goldsnare will be back on the ground again, gaining a buff that increases his damage dealt to any nearby spider. Make sure the tank stuns Goldsnare (allowing time for the tank to flee), then have a blue spider use Web to immobilize him.


The standard set-up consists of one healer (green spider), one tank (red spider) and one or more damage dealers (blue spiders). In order to defeat Goldsnare, each spider has to fill in for one another with the roles that they have been assigned. Generally, a spider should move away from the spot immediately when a Napalm Strike is directly on top of them. When a spider receives a green aura around them, they should move to the small cave with a pile of treasure on the right side of the map, and wait. Once the acid pool drops, that player should return back to their original spot during the fight.

  • Role of the tank: The tank has to keep up with their stacks of Puncture. This is so that when the tank's health is low, and the healer is under pressure, they can use Drain Health to recover a large amount of their health back. The protector should also be responsible for using Slam (Bash) on Goldsnare as he is about to enrage, giving your damage dealers enough time to use Web and allowing yourself to flee from him for the meantime until enrage dissipates.
  • Role of the damage dealer: One damage dealer should be assigned to use Web when Goldsnare uses Enrage. Other damage dealers than the one assigned to keep Web on the boss during enrage is allowed to use Web on the snake spawns, but not Ragefang himself (but you still have to back up the person assigned to Web in case he or she fails). When Goldsnare summons his snakes, make sure that you know which snake the healer wants, and defeat all other snakes. By saving one snake, the healer has an opportunity to recover the entire group's health. Periodically, you should also use your defensive skills, such as Inner Endurance and Quickness to make the healer's job much easier.
  • Role of the healer: The healer has to watch out for three things: their allies health, their own health and their leeching stacks. The more monsters you apply leech to, the greater your heal (you can also take advantage of this by finding nearby flowers, and building leech stacks on it). However, the damage dealers can be unaware of what snake you're using to heal yourself during the summoning phase. The healer has to alert the group which snake they want. If it is still unclear, you can space yourself away from the group a bit, but do not go too far left (or else it is an instant wipe for the group).
    • A careful technique to gauging how much you should channel with your healing spell is to always max out your stacks on one target. Once you have reached five stacks, you can then heal an ally for half of it's cast, then cancel it by moving. By stopping your cast, use the Leeching Poison on the affected target to refresh it. This is repeated throughout the fight, and though it may seem more than what is required, it ensures that you have enough health to keep your team alive.

The trophy Twigmoss Ace requires you to beat Goldsnare without any of the group's spiders dying at all. This involves using all of the strategies stated above, carefully clearing the snakes in the garden and avoiding Napalm Strike. It is recommended that if attempting this trophy, the other trophies should not be attempted at the same time.

Terechia (Optional)


Name Terechia
Level 33
Classification Brute
Element Earth 1
Health 150,000
Resistances Immune to stun, freeze, silence, sleep and charm.

Terechia is an optional boss in the Moonlight Monastery's Observatory, representing the third boss of the dungeon. The observatory is located east of the Hall of the Spirits, after crossing a hallway with monsters. Terechia's defending element is Earth 1, making her vulnerable to Fire (+25% effective), Poison (+25% effective) and Water (+12.5% effective) attacks. She can be found sitting still (immobile) in the center of the observatory, affected by Lunar Empowerment (boosting the damage of her attacks by 15%).

Talking to the Injured Forest Sprite will allow you to set the difficulty of the fight. By default, the fight is set to Normal Mode. Choosing It won't be in vain will set the difficulty to Normal Mode. Otherwise, choosing Save your energy, we'll handle it alone sets the difficulty to Hard Mode. Defeating her while scaled to the dungeon's level will raise your scaling level by one (e.g. if you were scaled to level 31, defeating Terechia will raise your scaling level to 32).

Name Ironwood Guardian
Level 33
Classification Brute
Element Earth 3
Health 15,000
Resistances Immune to silence and charm.

In HM, Terechia possesses an aura that will add on stacks of the debuff Poisonous Spores every 15 seconds. Poisonous Spores deals 33 damage every 3 seconds to all players for each stack (e.g. in 10 stacks deals 330 damage every 3 seconds). In NM, you are protected from the Poisonous Spores debuff with the Essence of the Argan Jungle buff. Because of this, it allows you to defeat all of the poisonous mushrooms at once, instead of having to save the mushrooms for later.

The main abilities that Terechia uses are:

  • Seeds of Darkness: At the start of the battle, Terechia will use this ability once to summon a total of four Poisonous Mushrooms onto the field (two on each side). A Poisonous Mushroom has 3,000 health and reduces the damage that Terechia will take by 3% each (to a max of 12%). When one of them is defeated, it will cure all stacks of the debuff Poisonous Spores from all players standing near it.
  • Poison Bolt: A poison attack that randomly targets a player for some damage.
  • Earth Spike: An earth attack that randomly targets a player for some damage.
  • Jinx: Terechia will randomly target a player, causing them to have a purple hue around their character for 5 seconds and receive 25% more damage from dark and poison attacks. If a group member is standing near the player that got affected (within 13 metres) after 5 seconds, they will also receive the debuff, but at a much longer duration. If they do not spread themselves away from the group, the debuff continues to spread again until there is no player nearby to receive the debuff. There is no limit to how many times this can occur.
  • Dark Barrage: Randomly targets a player, dealing heavy dark element damage every second for several seconds. Use Smite or Disrupt to counter this.
  • Poison Dart: Two or three members of your group are targeted, inflicting a debuff. The players affected receive a green aura around them. At the end of the debuff, an acid pool (that expands) is dropped underneath where the player is currently standing. Inflicts heavy poison damage when stood on.
  • Summon Poisonroots: Randomly targets two players, and summons two Bulging Poisonroots; one on the left and one on the right of them (indicated by green markers seconds before the roots are summoned). These roots last several seconds on the field. Any player that touches the root (or simply moving their character into the area where the roots are spawned) will cause all roots on the field to explode, instantly causing a wipe for your entire group. Terechia usually has a low to medium chance of using this spell in a typical fight against her, but her chances of using this ability increases when a player dies.
  • Vine Lash, followed by Poison Nova: After a set amount of time on the field, Terechia will pull all players into her with Vine Lash, temporarily slowing their movement. Immediately afterwards, she begins to cast Poison Nova. The damage dealt by Poison Nova depends on how close you are to Terechia when it hits (standing directly on top of her will typically result in a 1 hit KO, whereas standing at the closest mushroom only deals some of the damage.

Summoning Phase

During halfway into the battle, Terechia will begin her summoning phase. This begins with a Mass Nightfall, followed by a brief period of summoning.

  • Mass Nightfall: A map-wide attack that causes all group members to be sleeping for several seconds. In HM, this effect does not last long (taking damage from Poisonous Spores breaks sleep). However in NM, you are sleeping for much longer (until the Ironwood Guardians hit you) because you don't have the debuff.
  • Summon: Terechia will summon two (three if the group is large enough) Ironwood Guardians. These guardians can shred through damage dealers with ease and overwhelm healers by using their Stomp ability. Terechia will still be using her attacks as usual after the Ironwood Guardians are spawned onto the field.

Strategy (HM)

To beat Terechia, you need a good grasp on positioning; where you are on the field and where your group members are at. Since Terechia is always going to be idle at the center of the map, you want to spread yourself out a bit by having members of your group on the left and right sides, as well as one that is going to be close to her. This also means that you can use all sorts of AoE spells on her without having to worry about accidentally knocking her back. While not necessary for Terechia (since her attacks are not aggro-based), you can have a tank to assist in dealing with the Ironwood Crushers, and interrupting Dark Barrage for the rest of the group.

Avoiding Jinx

Terechia will be alternating between Poison Bolt and Earth Spike as her main attacks, while randomly throwing in a Dark Barrage (interrupt it), as well as a Jinx. Jinx is often the debuff that groups quickly get into trouble with, just because one or two group members don't see it in time, or the person that has it doesn't run away from the group fast enough.

In order to properly avoid Jinx (while you have it), you want to focus on running to the side you are closer to (if you were standing on the left side, you want to run left). The group members should see that you have chosen to run left, therefore they should move a bit right to distance themselves.

But say a group member randomly gets Jinx, but doesn't react to it at all. That means your entire group will have to distance themselves away from the affected person to avoid Jinx, not just wait for them to move. If some or all of your group gets Jinxed, they will have to wait until the debuff reaches 5 seconds or so. Then, everyone in the group will have to space themselves out to prevent Jinx from spreading to someone else.

In order to unlock the trophy Knock on Wood, you have to beat Terechia without any member of the group jinxing another member. This means that anyone that receives Jinx during the battle must be able to run away from the group within 5 seconds.

Dealing with Poison Dart

Somewhere in the fight, you are going to have to deal with Poison Dart (also known as Corrosive Slime/Corrosive Poison). The group members affected will have to run to the corners of the map (to the portal on the left, and the wall on the right) so that their acid pool will drop there. This way, you completely avoid running into the acid pool when it comes to the rest of her attacks. Coincidentally, Terechia will like to use Dark Barrage when most of your members are running to the corners, so make sure that the unaffected group member(s) can Smite or Disrupt it.

Spore Stacks, Mushrooms and Poison Nova

In EM, you didn't have the Poisonous Spores debuff, so that meant that you could just defeat all of the Poisonous Mushrooms on the field. However in HM, you want to save these mushrooms for later, because they are key to getting rid of the Poisonous Spore stacks.

But when do you actually get rid of these mushrooms? When Terechia uses Vine Lash to pull everyone in and begins casting Poison Nova, that is the only time when your group is stacking. Make sure that your entire group chooses a side and a mushroom to run over to. Once your entire group reaches the mushroom, the Poison Nova will have occurred, but only at some of it's damage. Quickly defeat that mushroom while stacking, and your entire group should be fully dispelled of the Poisonous Spore stacks. By the end of the battle, you will have defeated only 2-3 of the mushrooms.

Summoning Phase

At the halfway point, you'll run into Terechia's summoning phase. As soon as you wake up from the Mass Nightfall, you want to use Flash Freeze or Nightfall on one of the Ironwood Guardians. Then, your damage dealers will have to focus on quickly defeating the other guardian, while at the same time keeping an eye out for Terechia's Dark Barrage so they can interrupt it.

Afterwards, quickly beat the guardian that was frozen/put to sleep. The tank can assist in drawing the Ironwood Guardian's attention away to lower the damage received by the damage dealers of the group.

In order to unlock the trophy En Garde, you have to beat Terechia while keeping one or more of the Ironwood Guardians alive. This can be done by freezing and putting one of the guardians to sleep during the battle to prevent them from being a nuisance to the group.

Watching Out for Poison Roots

Sometimes, Terechia can be unpredictable and use her Summon Poisonroots spell to throw off the group. When this happens, make sure that the affected group members space out (not touching any other player), while the unaffected members stay away from the spot where the Poison Roots will spawn. After the Poison Roots spawn, they will last for several seconds on the field, and eventually disappear on their own. The affected group members must not move an inch at all, even it means if they cannot attack from where they are standing at. Merely walking into it with your character can cause it to explode, so be careful. Any AoE spells should not be used during this time either.

In order to unlock the trophy Attuned to Nature, you have to beat Terechia on Hard Mode.



Name Celeah
Epithet Guardian of the Moonlight
Level 34
Classification Brute
Element Earth 2
Health 175,000
Resistances Immune to stun, freeze, silence, sleep and charm.

Celeah can be found in the Moonlight Monastery's Tower, representing the fourth boss in the dungeon. The Tower can be found by heading east from the Hall of the Spirits, then over to the Observatory's entrance. Instead of heading into the Observatory, make a left until you find a portal leading outside to the Balcony. Then, cross the Balcony until you arrive at the Tower. Once you arrive, you'll see Celeah shortly as an ally. As you move closer, you'll see that Celeah is controlled by Nihid.

The trophy Don't Look Up! requires you to cross the Moonlight Monastery's Balcony in one piece without getting hit by Napalm Blast. This also means that you can't use movement skills such as Skip, or else you are immediately disqualified for the trophy.

Celeah's defending element is Earth 2, however you are dealing with more than just one opponent. Nihid's defending element is Dark 2, making Fire ideal for countering both Celeah and Nihid. But, since the Frenzied Whelpling's defending element is Fire 1, this weakens Fire's performance. Ideally, you want to use a mix of Fire and Water (this could mean having a Warrior use a Fire glove and a mage go into Water) or entirely Water in the fight. Exclusively for a Priest, you want to go Light, as it can be advantageous against Nihid and Celeah, but not the Frenzied Whelpling.

Name Nihid
Epithet The Subduer
Level 33
Classification Demon
Element Dark 2
Health 13,750
Resistances Immune to stun, freeze, silence, sleep and charm.

One advantage to the fight is that Celeah's health is tied to Nihid, as well as the Frenzied Whelpling. Defeating Nihid or the Frenzied Whelpling will cause Celeah to take damage (equivalent to their health of 13,750). After they are defeated, several Shadowy Creatures spawn from their position. The Frenzied Whelpling and Nihid will revive themselves after a set period of time that they are defeated in battle. The Frenzied Whelpling does not spawn immediately at the start of battle; after Celeah does a cry for help in battle, then it will spawn.

The main abilities that Celeah uses are:

  • Swipe: Deals damage to all targets in front. Players usually call this "frontal", meaning that only the tank must engage the boss in front, while the others stay behind to avoid taking additional damage.
  • Fire Breath: An attack that inflicts heavy fire damage every second for several seconds to all targets in front of Celeah. Cannot be interrupted.
  • Fireball: Celeah will randomly target a player on the field, dealing fire damage and leaving behind a small fire area for several seconds. Players standing in the fire area receive a low to moderate amount of fire damage every second that can add up.

The main abilities that Nihid uses are:

Name Frenzied Whelpling
Level 33
Classification Brute
Element Fire 1
Health 13,750
Resistances Immune to stun, freeze, silence, sleep and charm.
  • Shadow Volley: A spell with a very slow casting time that hits all players on the field for low to moderate dark damage. It is more efficient to defeat Nihid than to interrupt this spell.

The main abilities that the Frenzied Whelpling uses are:

  • Frenzied Assault: Similar to Frenzied Claw, the Frenzied Whelpling will target a nearby player, constantly attacking them and stunning them for weak damage every second. Unlike Frenzied Claw, there is no debuff right after the channeling ends. This attack lasts indefinitely until the targeted player dies or your group manages to deal 20% of the whelpling's health in damage (about 2,750). The Frenzied Whelpling will then be stunned for several seconds. This occurs once every so often.


The tank should have Celeah facing away from the rest of the group, on the right side of the left platform (the two platforms are separated by a branch). The left platform also has a ray of light that gives Lunar Empowerment (+15% attack and magic). Ideally, the tank should stand in the ray of light while Celeah is just outside of it, while also being close as possible to your healer (if you are too far away, they will have trouble reaching you).

When dealing with Fire Breath, the tank has to make sure that the breath will always go to the left, while avoiding it themselves (by quickly going behind Celeah). If the breath goes to the right, it can hit your healer and nearby damage dealers, potentially knocking them out. If this cannot be avoided, the healer and damage dealers have to hug the right end of the wall to get out of the breath's range.

A damage dealer's priority can be represented as: Frenzied Whelpling > Nihid > Celeah.

The damage dealers and healer should stay on the right platform, where Nihid is. Concentrate on Nihid, but once the Frenzied Whelpling spawns in, the damage dealers should focus all efforts on taking the Frenzied Whelpling down first. While Nihid is not that much of a threat, the Whelpling can be dangerous if left alone, as it can leave a group member stunned until they are knocked out. Defeating either Nihid or the Frenzied Whelpling will result in Shadowy Creatures spawning, so a healer should use Healing Springs to finish them off, or with a quick AoE skill. If both Nihid and the Frenzied Whelpling are down, they can go ahead and attack Celeah for a bit until one of the two revive themselves back onto the field.

The trophy Touchy requires you to beat 12 Shadowy Creatures in five seconds. This can involve defeating Nihid and the Frenzied Whelpling a couple of times to rack up enough Shadowy Creatures. Then, defeat all of them with an AoE spell.

The trophy Strikeout requires you to beat Celeah, Nihid and the Frenzied Whelpling (in any order) within 10 seconds of each other. This means that you need to beat the Frenzied Whelpling to start off the chain, then Nihid in 10 seconds, then Celeah in 10 seconds. It is recommended that you lower all three of their healths in order to be able to beat them in time. Specifically, lower Celeah to about 25 to 30k of it's health. In addition, both the damage dealers and the tank have to lower their dps before commencing with the plan (any damage over time ability or tank's melee swings might lower Celeah's health too much by accident).


Name Shadow Rift
Level 36+
Classification Formless
Element Dark 1
Health 117,000
Resistances Immune to stun, freeze, silence, taunt, sleep and charm.

Nyranthix is the fifth and final boss of the Moonlight Monastery, located at the Summit. The Summit can be reached by going east from the Tower, and is guarded by several monsters. As you approach the Summit for the first time, you'll find the Shadow Rift (in the form of a dark sphere), representing the shadow realm. After weakening the Shadow Rift to about half of it's health, Nyranthix will finally reveal himself and the dark sphere becomes a purple barrier. Nyranthix's defending element is Dark 2, making it weak to Fire (+25% more damage), and heavily weak to Light (+50% more damage).

In Normal or Hard Mode, Shadow Grasp is a debuff mechanic used during the fight. It is disregarded in Easy mode (because of Lunar Empowerment, the stacks are removed 10 at a time every couple of seconds). Reaching 100 stacks will cause you to lose control of your character, and become permanently possessed for the duration of the fight. There are several ways that you can accumulate stacks of Shadow Grasp, such as from the Nightmare Slasher's Evil Land (every time you get hit from it, you gain 4 stacks), taking damage from Shadow Link (being too far away from the person you are linked with), and staying for long periods of time in the Shadow Realm.

Name Nyranthix
Epithet Harbinger of Darkness
Level 36+
Classification Formless
Element Dark 2
Health 114,000
Resistances Immune to stun, freeze, silence, sleep and charm.

Talking to the spirits will allow you to set the difficulty of the fight. There are three modes of difficulty, each being:

  • In Easy mode, the spirits will help you in the fight, while also clearing up the fog (allows the effect from Lunar Empowerment to activate, giving a 15% increase to attack and magic). The time it takes for Nyranthix to cast a spell is a lot slower. Any stacks of Shadow Grasp accumulated are not permanent during the fight.
    • The spirits that will assist the player during the fight has two main abilities: a weak Revitalize, and Weakening Tide (debuff that slightly reduces the enemy's maximum health).
  • In Normal mode, the spirits will help you in the fight, but the fog remains on the field (no bonus from Lunar Empowerment). By default, the fight is set to Normal mode. Any stacks of Shadow Grasp accumulated are permanent during the fight.
  • In Hard mode, the spirits won't help you in the fight, and the fog still remains on the field. The time it takes for Nyranthix to cast a spell is a lot faster. Any stacks of Shadow Grasp accumulated are permanent during the fight.

The main abilities that Nyranthix will use are:

  • Shadow Bolt: Targets a random player for weak dark element damage.
  • Shadow Bolt Volley: Targets all players for weak dark element damage.
  • Shadow Link: During Phase 2, randomly targets two players, causing them to become linked. When the two players are linked, they must stay close to each other, or else they will take dark element damage every second (also adds on stacks of Shadow Grasp) from being too far away.
  • Touch of Darkness: Similar to Jinx, a random player receives a debuff and purple hue around their character for several seconds. The target periodically receives dark element damage. If the affected player is standing near another player, they will also receive the debuff, but at a larger duration.
  • Weaken Space-Fabric: During Phase 2, summons a limited number of portals on the field, allowing players to cross over to the Shadow Realm. If one player is linked together with another player due to Shadow Link, one of them can go into the portal to remove the link.
  • Summon: During Phase 2, Nyranthix will periodically summon a large vine (Claw of Nyranthix) and two smaller vines (Arm of Nyranthix) to the field.
    • Claw of Nyranthix: The larger vine that has high health. Can inflict heavy damage to nearby players with auto-attacks.
    • Arm of Nyranthix: The smaller vine that has low health. Usually summoned in pairs beside one another, it has an ability (with a long casting time) that can silence players.


Name Nightmare Slasher
Level 34
Classification Formless
Element Dark 2
Health 18,725
Resistances Immune to stun, freeze, silence and sleep

The entire fight can be broken down into three phases:

Phase 1 (Summons)

When you first begin the battle, the Shadow Rift will be in the form of a dark sphere. It is invulnerable to any attacks, and will periodically summon a Nightmare Slasher to the field. In HM, if you do not defeat a Nightmare Slasher quick enough, another will spawn on the field (whereas EM and NM give you enough time to defeat the Nightmare Slashers one at a time). If you are having difficulties trying to take them down quickly enough, use an AoE in addition to your regular attacks.

The only abilities that a Nightmare Slasher has is Evil Land and Dark Bolt (hits all players for moderate dark damage). Every hit that a player receives from Evil Land, they gain 4 stacks of Shadow Grasp. Make sure that your team is aware of where the Evil Land will spawn and avoid it, or else they will receive a lot of Shadow Grasp stacks prematurely (less time able to spend in the Shadow Realm for the next phase). It is common for a Warrior to walk right into the Evil Land, so they should use Charge to get over it. Defeating a Nightmare Slasher will cause the Shadow Rift's health to go down. Rinse and repeat, until the Shadow Rift's health reaches 50%. Then the fight will proceed onto the next phase.

The trophy Anger Suppressant requires you to defeat a Nightmare Slasher without letting it use Evil Land. This is a difficult task, as the Nightmare Slasher will repeatedly attempt to recast the spell. Damage dealers with high dps, and several players with interrupt skills are recommended.

Name Claw of Nyranthix
Level 35
Classification Plant
Element Earth 2
Health 20,385
Resistances Immune to stun, freeze, silence, sleep and charm.

Phase 2 (Shadow Rift)

This is the first half of the fight. The objective of the phase is to get rid of the Shadow Rift that surrounds Nyranthix, by attacking it from the inside. Nyranthix will finally appear, and the Shadow Rift transforms from a dark sphere to a barrier. Both are invulnerable to any attacks, while Nyranthix will be using random spells on the field.

Similar to Jinx, the player that receives Touch of Darkness will have to quickly run away from the rest of the group to avoid passing on the debuff. When two players are linked together with Shadow Link, they will have to stick close to each other to avoid taking damage.

Periodically, roots will be spawned to the field (1 large and 2 smaller ones). A damage dealer should take care of the smaller roots first, before working on the bigger one. Make sure that you don't stand close to the bigger root while attacking, or else you'll take a huge amount of damage from it's auto-attacks (if you are a Warrior, watch your health carefully). You have a small window of time to take care of the roots before Nyranthix uses Weaken Space-Fabric to open the portals. The portals that appear on the field have a certain amount of time before they disappear.

If your group cannot finish off the roots in time, have one damage dealer stay out while the other goes in (if you are the only damage dealer, let the portal disappear and wait for the next opportunity as you finish the roots off). Each time you miss this opportunity to go into the realm, more Shadowy Creatures spawn and pelts players across from the realm to the boss fight area with several dark bolts, putting a strain on the healer.

Name Arm of Nyranthix
Level 35
Classification Plant
Element Earth 2
Health 6,875
Resistances Immune to silence and charm.

After taking care of the vines, the healer should cast a Revitalize on the damage dealers as they are about go into the portals. The healer and tank should stay outside and act as a spotter to warn the group when the roots will respawn (so the damage dealers can leave the Shadow Realm). In a typical run, the spotters will say something like "big" or "out" to signal the damage dealers inside the Shadow Realm that a large root has spawned.

Once inside the Shadow Realm, the damage dealers will constantly be taking damage over time and accumulate stacks of Shadowy Grasp. Focus on attacking the Shadow Rift (good time to use AoEs), while also getting rid of the surrounding Shadowy Creatures. If the Shadow Rift is taken down, but many of the Shadowy Creatures are still remaining, they could still potentially attack from across the Shadow Realm to your teammates on the outside with no way to get rid of them.

Once the spotters in your group signal the damage dealers to leave, the process repeats itself back at the roots until the Shadow Rift is taken down. The Shadow Realm will begin to collapse, so make sure you deal with any last second Shadowy Creatures and quickly leave.

Note that the next phase will start immediately once all members of the group have left the Shadow Realm. The longer you stay in the realm, the more damage you'll take.

Phase 3 (Nyranthix)

This is the second half of the fight. Nyranthix will be unprotected, but he will begin to constantly summon monsters out of the Shadow Realm. The group should deal as much damage as they can to quickly end the battle, or else they will be overwhelmed by the amount of monsters. Make sure that the tank can pull all of the monsters by using Growl, and kite around the area to stall for time. It is recommended that the tank has a speed buff active to effectively kite, and use the large amount of space to the left and right sides of the area.

Upon defeating Nyranthix, he will drop loot as well as three time splinters, which are combined together (just by using the splinters) to form the Guardian Stone of Time. The Guardian Stone of Time permanently increases your health, mana (or fury/endurance) and increases the experience gain from monsters level 32 or higher. Not only that, a buff can be used to reduce the damage taken from Earth and Dark elements by 5% for 90 seconds (10 minutes cooldown).

Defeating Nyranthix on Normal Mode or higher while scaled to the dungeon's level will award you the trophy Minutes to Midnight.

Defeating Nyranthix on Hard Mode while scaled to the dungeon's level will award you the trophy Alone in the Dark.

A first time clear of the dungeon will award you the trophy The Moonlight Monastery.

Accessing the Space Station (SS-AR1)

See SS-AR1 for details.

Notable Drops List

Each drop below may be associated for a specific class, and is marked as such. Drops not associated with a single class are not marked. Includes drops from Space Station (SS-AR1). Note that all drops from Deactivated Security Unit actually come from Cache of the Ancients. The Cache of the Ancients is a treasure chest that spawns in a short scripted cutscene after defeating the Deactivated Security Unit.

P represents Priest, W represents Warriors, M represents Mages and H represents Hunters. Pet represents items that would obtain you a pet (either by directly using the item, using the item on a desired monster, or using the item on an existing pet to permanently change it into another pet). Maw refers to a equipment that is worn in your character's maw (usually cosmetic with no to little stats). Enchant refers to a spirit bottle or powder that is added onto your equipment to grant bonus effects (bottles dropped from bosses are extremely valuable, offering strong bonuses).








Sanitizer Bot

Deactivated Security Unit (via Cache of the Ancients treasure chest)


  • Gorath's Frenzied Claw inflicts 12.5% damage every 0.3 seconds, and leaves a debuff that deals 366% of that damage over 10 seconds.
  • It is possible to skip Gorath by using Invisibility or an invisibility potion, as Gorath does not have extrasensory. However, if you haven't unlocked Space Station yet, you'll need to defeat Gorath for the Sigil of Fire (quest item).
  • A player can accidentally give buffs to Celeah before it turns hostile, enhancing them in the fight.
  • Defeating Nyranthix on Hard Mode will give you the Unscathed Forest Seed, which is used to obtain the Tiny Forest Sprite pet. Talking to Roc, raising it to a certain level and purchasing one of the stones from Roc's secret shop will allow you to evolve the pet using the pet's ability Metamorphosis.
  • The trophy Argan Dungeon Master requires you to obtain 13 specific trophies from various bosses around Argan Jungle. These include:
    • Twigmoss Burrow (1): Twigmoss Troubles (defeat Ragefang)
    • Cultist Prison (1): Spirits at Large (rescue Sasha)
    • Gorath (2): The Spirits That I've Cited (beat Gorath on Hard Mode), Shatter Resistant (beat Gorath after defeating two statues within 6 seconds of each other)
    • Goldsnare the Binder (2): Fangs of All Trades (defeat Goldsnare once with each of the three spiders), Twigmoss Ace (defeat Goldsnare without anyone dying)
    • Terechia (2): Knock on Wood (defeat Terechia without anyone spreading jinx), Attuned to Nature (defeat Terechia on Hard Mode)
    • Celeah (2): Strikeout (defeat Celeah, Nihid and Frenzied Whelpling within 10 seconds of each other), Touchy (defeat 12 Shadowy Creatures in 5 seconds)
    • Nyranthix (1): Minutes to Midnight (beat Nyranthix on Normal Mode or higher)
    • Moonlight Monastery (1): The Moonlight Monastery (clear the entire dungeon)
    • Space Station (1): Shooting Stars (beat the Deactivated Security Unit after gaining access to the dungeon)
  • Unlocking the Argan Dungeon Master trophy allows you to obtain a Moonlight Whelpling (brown dragon) as a pet. The pet at level 30 learns the ability to save any one location (except instanced maps such as dungeons), and return to it by flying (has a 10 minute cooldown). This is equivalent to a Mage's Teleport, and Bind Earth at level 1. Subsequently, Mages can also treat the dragon as a 4th teleport location on top of their Bind Earth (level 3), however they cannot bring other players with them to this 4th location unless they use a summon scroll (the dragon cancels out any sleds).