Twigmoss Burrow

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The Twigmoss Burrow is a unique dungeon situated east of Argan Village by taking the southern portal in Argan Jungle II. Instead of of proceeding on foot, players will control spiders, each designated either as a healer (in green), a damage dealer (in blue) or a tank (in red) to take care of the invasive snakes that have made the burrows as their home. This will challenge players to work carefully with the cards they are dealt with as they rely on the abilities of the spiders and not their own.

Anyone can join (level and equipment doesn't matter), given that they know how to use their spider. This is still treated as an instanced map, and should have a minimum of 3 players.

Jaco's spider's await in this burrow for a hero or heroine to guide them.


  • Jaco (Deep Argan Jungle)


Twigmoss Spiders

Twigmoss Protector (Red)

The Twigmoss Protector plays the role of a tank. The protector's play style is surrounded around building up and keeping Puncture stacks, as they are key to increasing damage, hate generation and stimulates Drain Health, allowing for an easy self-recovery if done correctly.


  • Slam (level 3)
    • Slam is essentially a Warrior's Bash skill that stuns a target for 4 seconds. Has a cooldown of 30 seconds.
  • Caustic Poison (level 1)
    • Caustic Poison is like a Warrior's Shattering Strike skill. This will be the main ability that you'll constantly be using during the fight to inflict damage and produce hate against the enemy. This skill's damage and hate generation improves if it is used on an enemy that has the Puncture debuff. Has a cooldown of 1 second.
  • Puncture (level 5)
    • Puncture acts like the Warrior's Bite skill. Has a cooldown of 10 seconds, but allows you to inflict a debuff on the enemy, causing them to suffer 5% increased damage. Can be stacked up to five times, to a max of 25%.
  • Drain Health (level 4)
    • Drain Health is a unique skill for this spider. Having a cooldown of 25 seconds, this skill allows the tank to inflict a large amount of damage to the enemy and restores health depending on how many stacks of Puncture that the enemy had on them. Recommended that you only use it when a monster you face has several stacks of Puncture on them, and/or that you're lacking in health.

Twigmoss Caretaker (Green)

The Twigmoss Caretaker plays the role of a sacrificial healer. Their play style is surrounded by taking advantage of poison stacks to heal themselves, while at the same draining their own health to heal others. They serve as a bit of support with their slow ability and with one damaging ability too.


  • Leeching Poison (level 3)
    • Leeching Poison will be the main ability of the healer. This skill has a relatively slow cast of 2 seconds and a cooldown of 1 second, but allows you to inflict a poison debuff on the enemy that stacks up to five times. The debuff restores 62.5% of your health over 10 seconds dependent on your damage dealt. This skill in turn allows the healer to keep their health relatively high and is the source of where their health regeneration comes from. For best results, use the spell five times on an enemy, and then periodically use it once every so often to keep it going.
  • Funnel Health (level 2)
    • Funnel Health is your main healing ability. Similar to a Drain Health spell but in reverse, you take damage and heal an ally at the same time while it is channeled. You should not use Funnel Health at low health, as it automatically kills you. This is where Leeching Poison becomes handy, allowing you to keep restoring your health as you take damage, so you're able to distribute that heal to others.
  • Paralysing Poison (level 1)
    • An ability with a cooldown of 10 seconds that causes the affected target to be slowed down for five seconds. Use it when one of your allies is trying to keep distance away from the enemy, such as the enemy becoming enraged.
  • Poisonous Bite (level 1)
    • An attacking ability that has a cooldown of 10 seconds. You take damage equal to 40% of your health, but in turn inflicts large damage to the enemy. Use it when you're constantly at a high health, while your allies aren't taking as much damage.

Twigmoss Poisonspitter (Blue)

The Twigmoss Poisonspitter plays the role of a damage dealer. They have self-support abilities such as increasing their speed or reducing damage taken, and utilize the web ability in key situations.


  • Acidic Poison (level 5)
    • Acidic Poison is the main ability for damage dealers. Keep spamming the skill to inflict damage to enemies.
  • Inner Endurance (level 1)
    • Inner Endurance is an ability that reduces 85% of the damage taken (to a maximum of 400 damage total) for 20 seconds. With a cooldown of 40 seconds, it is recommended that you keep using this spell to allow your healers to ease up on their healing.
  • Web (level 1)
    • Web, a favorite ability of the spiders allows you to immobilize a target for up to 10 seconds. Has a slow cast time of 2 seconds, with a cooldown of 12 seconds. This is used so that allies can safely move away from the monsters if they are at low health and minimize damage taken from being hurt by melee attacks. Against Ragefang specifically, this spell is used while he is enraged until the enrage wears off. Failing to do so would result in an immediate group wipe.
  • Quickness (level 1)
    • This ability is used to quickly flee from a monster and is often used together with Web. Lasting for only a couple of seconds and having a cooldown of 30 seconds, this ability also increases not only your movement speed, but your casting speed as well by 50%. Useful for making Acidic Poison cast faster with a few uses.


Mossbite Ragefang (Boss)

Name Mossbite Ragefang
Level  ?
Classification  ?
Element  ?
Health  ?
Resistances  ?

This boss has a berserk timer of 5 minutes. Defeating Ragefang will reward you with the trophy Twigmoss Troubles.

Because the boss does not appear above ground, Ragefang cannot be analyzed, and can only appear forcibly from cursed and/or bloody branches.

Main Abilities:

  • Poison Patch: Ragefang will spawn an acid pool that lasts for a long period of time. Make sure you stay away from it, as there are usually two to three acid pools occurring at once.
  • Summon Minions: Ragefang will randomly summon other venomous mossbiters to the battle. Take care of them immediately once they show up.
  • Enrage: He will enrage at certain times during the battle. Make sure the tank stuns Ragefang (allowing time for the tank to flee), then have a blue spider use Web to immobilize him.


Venomous Mossbiter


Shady Mossbiter

Killing this mob completes the requirements for the trophy Snake?! Snaaaake! (Trophy:167).


  • None

Rejuvenating Flower




The traditional method, without aiming for any specific trophy works like any regular set-up, and must consist of one healer (green), one tank (red) and one or more damage dealers (blue). In order to defeat Ragefang, each spider must work together to fill in each other's constraints. Generally, you want to avoid walking into the poison patches that Ragefang will put down and you should never stay close to him too often as a ranged damage dealer (if he enrages, will go after the closest spider to him if the tank is not there).

  • Role of the tank: The protector has to ensure that their stacks of Puncture are kept. This way, Ragefang won't divert it's attention towards the damage dealers, and can safely use Drain Health if the healer is preoccupied with healing another member. The protector should also be responsible for using Slam (Bash) on Ragefang as he is about to enrage, giving your damage dealers enough time to use Web and allowing yourself to flee from him for the meantime until enrage dissipates.
  • Role of the damage dealer: The poisonspitter deals with monster and boss control in addition to dealing damage. One damage dealer should be designated as the person to use Web on Ragefang when he enrages, so that the tank doesn't get easily knocked out. When Ragefang summons snakes to his aid, it comes down to the damage dealers to get rid of them immediately. Other damage dealers than the one assigned to keep Web on the boss during enrage is allowed to use Web on the snake spawns, but not Ragefang himself (but you still have to back up the person assigned to Web in case he or she fails). Periodically, you should also use your defensive skills, such as Inner Endurance and Quickness to make the healer's job much easier.
  • Role of the healer: The caretaker has a bit of a tougher job. They have to watch out for not only their allies health, but their own health, as well as their leeching stacks. The more monsters you apply leech to, the more health you recover, and this can be taken advantage of by using the nearby flowers. A careful technique (also used against Goldsnare for the Twigmoss Ace trophy) to gauging how much you should channel with your healing spell is to always max out your stacks on one target. Once you have reached five stacks, you can then heal an ally for half of it's cast, then cancel it by moving. By stopping your cast, use the Leeching Poison on the affected target to refresh it. This is repeated throughout the fight, and though it may seem more than what is required, it ensures that you have enough health to keep your team alive.

Not Feeling Blue Today

Alternate Carefree

Alternate It's Not Easy Being Green


  • When controlling a spider, your equipment's durability still goes down as you receive damage and die. To prevent from having to pay for armor repairs due to this, you can take off your armor (doesn't affect the spider's performance in battle).