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The Space Station (formally known as the "SS-AR1", or "SS" for short) is a sub-dungeon located inside the Moonlight Monastery. You will investigate the mysterious area left behind by the Ancients, now occupied by Dark Abyss forces. In addition, you will put a stop to the Dark Abyss's plans of militarizing the station as a weapon of mass destruction which threatens the very existence of Elyssia.

After defeating Nyranthix, you gain access to the right side of The Summit, which contains a teleporter, and a quest line beginning from the quest The Sigils of Life. To complete this quest, you require the following sigils: Sigil of Fire (Gorath), Sigil of Earth (Terechia), and Sigil of the Moon (Nyranthix). Then you will have to go to Akia for the second part of this quest, and return back to the teleporter, finally allowing access to the Space Station.

The recommended level for the Space Station is 32 to 34, and adventurers above level 34 will be scaled down to that level for the dungeon. The level scaling follows the option you selected for the Moonlight Monastery, so no changes are required. It is also recommended that you have at least 3 or more players before starting the dungeon. A typical group set-up will consist of one healer, one tank and one or more damage dealers.

The increase in difficulty may be uncomfortable for first-time players. It is recommended that a player who approaches the Space Station for the first time to have their level unscaled, to better understand the gimmicks of the boss fights. The forced level scaling on first-time players is not present here, allowing the group to freely unscale.

Sanitizer Bot (Optional)

Name Sanitizer Bot
Level 35
Classification Mechanical
Element Fire 1
Health 336,000
Resistances Immune to stun, freeze, silence, sleep and charm.

The Sanitizer Bot is an optional boss that can be found in the Space Station's Cargo Bay, leading south-west from the junction in the first area. Inside the cargo bay, the Sanitizer Bot awaits at the right side of the map. The Sanitizer Bot's defending element is Fire 1, making it vulnerable to Water (+25% more damage), Wind (+12.5% more damage) and Dark (+12.5% more damage) attacks. Being one of the more recently added bosses, it is more challenging than the final boss of the Space Station, as well as the rest of the Moonlight Monastery combined.

The main abilities that the Sanitizer Bot uses are:

  • System Reboot:
  • Surge: An attack that hits several players for moderate wind damage.
  • Deadlock: An attack that hits a player for moderate to large fire damage.
  • Debug:
  • Compatibility Check: Similar to the Mage's Embers spell. Randomly targets a player, inflicting a debuff that deals fire damage over time for several seconds.
  • Illegal Instruction: Similar to the Mage's Ignite spell. The player that received Compatibility Check will be targeted. If they have the Compatibility Check debuff on them, they take massive fire damage, otherwise this skill will fail.
  • Jitter: Similar to Curse of Slowness. Hits every player, slowing them down. Often used in combination with Segmentation Fault.
  • Segmentation Fault: An explosion attack with a huge radius around the Sanitizer Bot. If a player fails to get out of range, the explosion will deal massive fire damage, knocking them out.
  • Lag: Causes the entire group to be immobilized, unable to move or take action for several seconds. The Sanitizer Bot will immediately warp to the position of each player, additionally hitting nearby players several times, adding up to moderate amounts of damage. This skill is stronger the more scattered away your allies are.
  • Disconnected from Server: A blue shield forms around the Sanitizer Bot, making it immune to damage but unable to act. When dealing a certain amount of damage to the shield, it will break. If the Sanitizer Bot manages to successfully end the casting duration while still having the shield up, it will cause a Blue Screen of Death attack that 1 hit KO's every player in the group.



The trophy A Toast to Teamwork requires you to defeat the Sanitizer Bot. It also requires you to have unlocked Space Station (by recovering the three access sigils), not by simply summoning your way through.

Deactivated Security Unit

Name Deactivated Security Unit
Level 36+
Classification Mechanical
Element Fire 1
Health 122,000
Resistances Immune to stun, freeze, silence, sleep and charm.

To unlock the door to the boss room, you need to talk to Akia (as a result of the quest line, she is located at the entrance of the Space Station), and ask her to follow you all the way to the damaged repair bot. Then click on the damaged repair bot to initiate a cutscene between it and Akia. At the end of the cutscene, the door will open, thus starting the boss fight.

The Deactivated Security Unit is the final boss of the dungeon, located at the end of Space Station's Central Core. The Deactivated Security Unit's defending element is Fire 1, making it vulnerable to Water (+25% more damage), Wind (+12.5% more damage) and Dark (+12.5% more damage) attacks.

The main abilities that the Deactivated Security Unit uses are:

  • Plasma Blast: An attack that leaves behind a pool of blue plasma on the floor. When hit at least once by the plasma, it inflicts a damage over time debuff to the player for additional damage taken. Can easily take out a player that is not watching the ground carefully.
  • Napalm Torrent: An attack that targets the player with aggro, inflicting major damage every second for several seconds. This is generally used between 2 to 3 times during a single fight (Phase 1 only), with the first Napalm Torrent happening right at the beginning.
  • Missile Strike: An attack that targets the area that the player with aggro is currently standing on (shown with an orange marker seconds before the attack lands). This can 1 hit KO any player who is standing at that spot when the missile drops. This is similar to the Napalm Strike in the Monastery Garden with Goldsnare.
  • Auto-Repair: An ability used in Phase 3 that takes a while to cast. If either the Deactivated Security Unit (body) or the Turret LA-3X (head) is defeated, but the other is alive, it will revive itself back to full health.
Name Turret LA-3X
Level 35
Classification Mechanical
Element Fire 1
Health 61,136
Resistances Immune to charm.

The main abilities that the Turret LA-3X uses are:

  • Thunderbolt: An attack that randomly targets a player and nearby allies for low to moderate wind damage. The turret will constantly spam this skill.
  • Plasma Barrage: An attack that is either cast on the top platform or the bottom platform depending on the location of the players (indicated by a summoning circle on the chosen platform). Two parallel plasma beams start in the middle (with a small gap between each other) and move outwards to the edges of the platform. This can either knock back a player to the edge and instantly get knocked out, or gravely wound a player who is barely able to escape it (by heading inwards) if they fail to escape to the safe platform in time.


The entire fight can be broken down into three different phases:

Phase 1 (Deactivated Security Unit)

Phase 2 (2x LA-3X Turrets)

Phase 3 (Deactivated Security Unit + 1x LA-3X Turret)


  • Previously, players could still access the space station after it is "presumed" to be destroyed by the countdown explosion, shortly after defeating the boss at the end. This has been changed, so now players cannot access the space station after defeating the Deactivated Security Unit (they will be transported into space instead, and get knocked out from fall damage).
    • Therefore, the Sanitizer Bot must be challenged before engaging the Deactivated Security Unit, or else the opportunity to challenge it will be lost.