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While you are actively engaged with a monster, another player, or are taking damage from a nearby source, you are considered "in combat". Being in combat has several effects:

  • Combat rules apply to health and mana regeneration:
    • You no longer regenerate health automatically.
    • Idle mana regeneration is disabled. This means you regenerate mana more slowly, and have to rely on your intellect and equipment more.
  • You cannot eat food in combat (potions still work, however).
  • You cannot switch maps inside of dungeons.
  • Certain abilities (such as Hunter's Veil of Shadows) do not work in combat.

By default, players are not in-combat and certain actions will put them in-combat for a certain period of time. These actions will also restart the In-Combat Delay if the player is already in-combat.

Currently, the following actions will put a player in-combat for ten seconds:

  • Attempting to deal damage to a valid target (even if the attack misses).
  • Actually dealing damage to a monster or a player.
  • Receiving damage.
  • Starting to cast any skill on a valid target.
  • Starting to cast any skill on the ground.
  • Starting to cast any skill on another player that is currently in-combat.
  • Starting to cast any skill on yourself while you are in-combat.
  • Healing another player that is currently in-combat.
  • Healing a monster (i.e., it runs into the AoE of Healing Springs).
  • Boss encounters lock you into combat until the encounter ends (that is, the boss resets or is defeated).

If all the monsters attacking a player are killed (and the player is not on a PVP map), the in-combat timer ends prematurely.