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Boss encounters are part of dungeons that follows a special set of rules, separating them from regular combat. Beginning an encounter is indicated by a boss health bar appearing at the top of the screen. The encounter ends when either the boss is defeated, or the boss has no more valid targets and resets.

Being in an encounter has the following effects:

  • Anyone on the boss map is locked into combat.
    • Health and mana regeneration follow combat rules, even if you are not actively attacking the boss.
      • You no longer regenerate health automatically.
      • Idle mana regeneration is disabled. This means you regenerate mana more slowly, and have to rely on your intellect and equipment more.
      • You cannot eat food in combat (potions still work, however).
      • Certain abilities (such as Hunter's Veil of Shadows) do not work in combat.
    • Sitting or laying down has no effect on regeneration speed.
    • If you disconnect, you will remain in the map for two minutes, allowing you to get back into combat.
  • The map with the boss is locked.
    • It is no longer possible the enter the map (doing so will result in an error indicating that a boss encounter is in progress).
    • You can only leave the map by respawning, after having been knocked out. Doing so will forfeit any loot from the boss, should your group still defeat it.
  • The number of revives you can accept is limited.
    • You are given one revive for the entirety of the encounter. Each player above three increases the number of revives by one.
    • The number of remaining revives is displayed as hearts next to the boss health bar on the top of the screen.
    • When a player accepts a revive, the number of remaining revives is reduced by one. When no more revives are available, any player trying to accept a revive will be told that they can revive on the spot whenever the encounter ends.
  • Dungeon and Group settings are locked.
    • It is no longer possible to change the group leader, the group loot mode, or the loot master until the encounter ends.
    • It is no longer possible to change the dungeon scaling until the encounter ends.
  • Bosses and monsters linked to bosses will attempt to chase down every player on the map, even if they did not actively attack.

At the end of an encounter, you are given a link to the battle log of the fight in your chat log.