NPC: Sandra

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Sandra, the gardener of the Peachleaf Cafe.

Sandra is an NPC in Saliko Village Garden. She is responsible for taking care of the garden so that the Cafe can sell it's products.

By talking to her with the following dialogue options: There sure are a lot of bugs in that garden O.o and I got plenty by now, you can access her shop.

Basic NPC Services


Item Price
Carrot Juice 10 Carrot
Bug Antennae 150 Bug Feelers
Bunny Band 120 Fluff

Quests Involved In

  • Infested!
  • Infested! II
  • Keeping the Garden Clear (repeatable)
  • A Mean Trick
  • Tigers and Roses
  • Seeking the Forest Witch
  • Save Valentine's!
  • Help in Saliko Garden