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Throughout your journey, you will find that there are several NPCs who have items to sell. Some of these types of items include empty bottles/vials, low to medium quality potions and recipes for cooking, alchemy, elixirs and/or crafting. While the types of items in these shops vary greatly, they can usually be bought with either gold or certain tokens.

Generally, however, the equipment sold by NPCs is lower quality than equipment found within dungeons - it has fewer stats, and most importantly cannot be enchanted with spirit bottles. As you journey further into the game, you'll find that less and less NPCs offer equipment in shops, as most of them will be from rare monsters, world bosses or bosses in dungeons.

There are additional facts you should keep in mind when browsing wares in a shop:

  • If your reputation reaches Revered status in one or more villages, chances are that the NPCs around those villages will offer a 10% discount to their wares (only applies to items bought with gold). Some stores won't sell you specific items unless your reputation is higher.
  • There are some NPC's that will offer the same goods at higher or lower prices than that of other NPC's, so watch out for them if you're looking to make a bulk purchase, such as potions or bottles.
  • You'll find that some of these NPC's will have items unique to their shop and cannot be found anywhere else. They may offer this item for a very high price or require you to fetch materials for them to get it.
  • This is rare, but certain materials can be sold to a specific shop to fetch a higher net profit. For example, Lieshy's shop (in Cave to Midnight Mountain) will offer you 15 silver per piece of Coal versus a shop that will offer you less for the same item. The NPC's appearance, what they typically do and affiliation to their environment will usually tell you what materials they may want for a higher price.