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SPOILER ALERT: This article may reveal locations early on that are found later on in the game.

Within Elyssia, many areas have been given their respective music to bring the atmospheric feel and tone to the game. All (if not, many) of these musics are borrowed from free sound resources and music libraries with credit to the artists themselves. The credits for these sound effects and music can be found here (alternate link).

This list is subject to change at any time, given that an area has been personally overlooked by the developer to either add in new music or remove existing music that has been put in place or mistakes have been made.


In Timeless Waters, there is a jukebox placed next to the springs, having a limited amount of music tracks. When used, the music of the current map will change for the player, but not for any other player unless they choose to do so as well.

In Blackwood Caverns, one of Audrey's quest lines will yield a jukebox furniture for your room. This can be used to access music CD's that you have collected (or simply stumbled across) on your journey. The jukebox however does not contain every single music that is used in the game otherwise. In contrast to the jukebox found at Timeless Waters, the music will change for everyone (including yourself) to the one you selected. However, only the owner can change the music for their room.

Composers and Sites Used

This list contains all of the composers and sites that were used for the compilation of the music found in-game below.

  • Justin R. Durban (has a site called Edgen)
  • Flashkit (site)
  • Pitx (works uploaded on a site called ccMixter)
  • Kevin MacLeod (owns a site called incompetech)
  • Colin McCloy
  • Tyler Cheeseman (also known as DJ Tylo)
  • Phyrrna (also known as HalcyonicFalconX)
  • Matt Hanson (also known as calpomatt)
  • Jewelbeat (site)

Music List

The music below (except Optional and Miscellaneous) are arranged in order of where the music was first played at, before being played in subsequent locations. Additionally, it is sorted by character progression within the game (for instance, a higher level dungeon will appear further down the list for that area, such as Cursed Farm in Saliko). If both sorting options cannot be determined, it is finally determined by release date.


Music Name Composer Description
Eternal Hope Kevin MacLeod Prologue/Timeless Waters/Default Music for a room in Blackwood Caverns
Volatile Reaction Kevin MacLeod Prologue (when escaping), used in boss fights (ex. Elder Patrizya, Keraketh or Zafyre)


Music Name Composer Description
The Seeing Glass Colin McCloy Saliko Fields area
Homelands Justin R. Durban Saliko Village/Forest/High Plains
Alphabet Song Pitx Peachleaf Cafe @ Saliko Village
Overcast Kevin MacLeod Saliko Farmhouse Floor with TV/Middle of flight via hot air balloon or whelpling
Running For One Last Try Edgen/Justin R. Durban East Caves
Cold Matt Hanson Deep inside East Caves dungeon/Everchange Caverns
Not Important XI -- Cladt Scytheclaw
A Mastermind’s Plan of Evil Edgen/Justin R. Durban Hollow Tree
Majestic Hills Kevin MacLeod Schwartzwald Castle
Crying Lullaby Edgen/Justin R. Durban A Cave in the High Plains
The Snow Queen Kevin MacLeod Saliko Cursed Farm


Music Name Composer Description
Atop the Peak DJ Tylo/Tyler Cheeseman Ashaya Fields & Ashaya Village
Angels We Have Heard On High Kevin MacLeod Tanja’s Bakery @ Ashaya Village
The Other Side of the Door Kevin MacLeod Forlorn Manor/Casper
Christmas Background -- Outside of Ashaya Toy Factory
Wish Background Kevin MacLeod Ashaya Toy Factory Main Floor
Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy Kevin MacLeod Ashaya Toy Factory Basement
Frost Waltz Kevin MacLeod Crystal Crypt - Inner Sanctuary (before engaging Elder Patrizya)
It Came Upon a Midnight Clear Kevin MacLeod Thymia Village

Argan Jungle

Music Name Composer Description
Another World Colin McCloy Prologue (retrieve key card quest)/Cave to Midnight Mountain/Argan Village/Argan Jungle
Machinations Kevin MacLeod Cultist Prison Entrance/Most of Crystal Crypt
Devastation and Revenge Kevin MacLeod Cultist Prison
Private Reflection Kevin MacLeod Outside of Moonlight Monastery
Truth of the Legend Kevin MacLeod Moonlight Monastery
Long Road Ahead Kevin MacLeod Moonlight Monastery Observatory (Terechia) / Secluded cliff Akia teleports you to after completing Space Station / Cave at Blackwood River
Not As It Seems Kevin MacLeod Moonlight Monastery Balcony
Full On Kevin MacLeod Moonlight Monastery Space Station
Lord of the Land Kevin MacLeod Jungle Crypt

Southern Seas

Music Name Composer Description
Comin Round the Mountain Kevin MacLeod Southern Seas/Beach
Somewhere Sunny (ver. 2) Kevin MacLeod Saltwater Cove (at Hidden Beach west of East Dock in Southern Seas)
Folk Round Kevin MacLeod Pirate Ship (at Southern Seas, unlocked by quest line)
Digya Kevin MacLeod Rock Isle Cliffs (at Southern Seas, unlocked by quest line)
Tempting Secrets Kevin MacLeod Outer Desert (at Southern Seas, path leading to Pyramid)
Floating Cities Kevin MacLeod Pyramid


Music Name Composer Description
Raindrops of a Dream Phyrnna/HalcyonicFalconX Blackwood (also used in Bullet Heaven from Epic Battle Fantasy series)
Evening of Chaos Kevin MacLeod Blackwood (music played when rescuing the wolves from the Thornbloom Ancient - first time encounter)
Towers of Terror Jewelbeat - Epic Adventure 3 Blackwood Depths
Myst on the Moor Kevin MacLeod Blackwood Depths Crystalline Garden
Out of Love Jewelbeat Blackwood Depths Lower Depths
Out of Love (alternate) Jewelbeat Blackwood Depths Lowest Reaches
-- -- Blackwood Depths Treasure Caves
Almost New Kevin MacLeod Deep Jungle (from Blackwood Railway Station)


This consists of music that may have not added into the game yet, or music that has not been determined yet to their correct location in-game.

  • Improved Ice Cream Truck
  • Prisonor’s Escape (by Edgen/Justin R. Durban)
  • Danse Macabre (by Kevin MacLeod)
  • Five Armies (by Kevin MacLeod)
  • Scissors (by Kevin MacLeod)