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The auction house is a convenient way to sell potions, gear and other items you have crafted or obtained. Adventurers can access the auction house in any of the villages. The auction houses are linked to each other - if an item is put up for auction in Saliko, an adventurer in Ashaya can bid on it as well.

Bidding and Buy-out

There are two ways to obtain an item from the auction house - winning it by bidding, or buy-out. The price for both is shown in the auction listing - the first column lists the current winning bid, and the second column the price for buying out the auction. If no buy-out price is listed, the auction cannot be bought out. Similarly, if no bidding price is listed, the only way of obtaining the item is through buy-out.


When bidding on an item, select the auction, click on "Bid", and then enter the maximum bid you are willing to make. The auction house will only bid as high as needed for you to win the item (up to the maximum you entered). If no one else bids and you win, the extra money was not used is returned to you, together with the item (of course, if you get outbid, the entire amount is returned). Your maximum bid is not shown to other players, and you should keep it a secret.

Bidding and Outbidding Example

For example, imagine a "Sharp Claw" with a minimum bid of 1 silver is up for auction. You are ready to pay as much as 40 silver for it - so this is what you enter in the "Maximum Bid" field. After you confirm your bid, the auction house takes the 40 silver (so that it can bid for you), you become the highest bidder, with a current winning bid of 1 (as this is the minimum, and no one else bid so far). If you won the auction now, 39 silver would be returned to you, together with the "Sharp Claw".

If someone bids against you, the auction house will automatically outbid them - up to the maximum of 40 silver that you were willing to pay. For example, imagine another adventurer bids 10 silver. The auction house will immediately outbid them with 11 silver (which is the new winning bid, with you still being the high bidder).

If that someone now bids 60 silver, they will become the new high bidder with 41 silver (which is the smallest amount over your maximum bid that's necessary to win the auction). At that point, the auction house mails back the 40 silver to you, and tells you that someone bid higher than that.

Now imagine that you decide to bid up to 80 silver. First, you enter 50 silver as your maximum bid - in this case, the auction house will immediately bid 51 silver for the other adventurer (who was willing to pay up to 60 silver), and you get a message that you have been outbid. If you enter 80 silver now, then you will become the highest bidder once more, with a bid of 61 silver.

The remaining time on auctions tells you how long it lasts at least. The exact time may be a few minutes longer. As a result, last second bids can be somewhat risky if you really want the item.


To immediately buy-out an auction, select it, click on "Bid", and instead of bidding, click on "Buy Out". If an auction does not use bidding, the "Bid" button will instead read "Buy", and clicking it will immediately take you to the confirmation prompt.

Not all auctions can be bought out. When you create an auction, you can choose whether to set a buy-out price, or leave it empty. If no buy-out price is given, the only way to obtain the item from the auction house is by bidding on it.

Creating an Auction

You can create your own listing by clicking on "New", and dragging the item from your bags to the empty slot that appears then. You can decide if you want to allow buy-out, and what the minimum bid should be. In order to pay for the mails and whatnot, the auction house charges a fee, which depends on how much the item itself is worth (the base auction price is 10% of what you would get when selling the item), and on how long it is auctioned for, and how many of that item you sell at once (two potions have a higher auction fee than a single potion).

Note that it is not possible to send items that are bound, or that will bind to you in the next few minutes (for example, because you selected "Need" on the item roll). In addition, quest items with no value (those that if you try to sell them would yield 0 silver) cannot be auctioned either.

Selling Multiple Stacks

If you have a lot of an item that you would like to sell in several stacks, you can create a single auction for that by dragging the item into the "New Auction" window, and then only putting as many as you want in a single stack in it.

For example, imagine having 20 healing potions, which you would like to sell in 4 stacks (each stack having 5 potions), charging 10 gold for each stack. To do this, drag the healing potions into the "New Auction" window, and - when asked for the quantity - enter 5 (since each stack would have 5 potions). Below the item, a box will appear, offering you to put multiple stacks for auction[1]. In this box, select "x4". Finally, enter the price for one stack (10 gold) as buy-out price, and create the auction.

Auctions with multiple stacks do not use bids - they work like a shop. Every time someone buys one of your stacks, you receive the gold they paid (there is no cut from the auction house). You can see how many stacks remain on any auction house listing by hovering over it - if more than one are left, an extra "Remaining:" line will tell you the exact quantity.

As the auction house has less work (no bidding is needed), it does not charge you for the amount of stacks you put on auction. In the previous example, you would only pay the fee for 5 potions, even though you put 20 ( 5 x 4 ) up for auction. Finally, auctions may last much longer (up to 10 days) if you sell multiple stacks.

Cancelling an Auction

You can cancel your own auctions by clicking on it, and selecting "Cancel". You will be charged a cancellation fee, which is increased if someone has already bid on your item (30% of their maximum bid they were willing to pay).


  1. This box only appears if you have enough of that item to put at least two stack up for auction