Frigus' Lair

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Frigus' Lair is a dungeon located in the Western Snow Plains of Elyssia. With only two groups of monsters before the eponymic final boss, Frigus, it is a rather quick dungeon to clear.

The recommended level for Frigus' Lair is 20, and adventurers above level 23 will be scaled down to that level for the dungeon.

Frigus has two difficulty modes, determined by how many of the two ice sculptures you leave intact. Each sculpture gives Frigus an additional ability. The easiest difficulty involves destroying both sculptures, whereas the hardest difficulty is for destroying none.



Name Frigus
Level 23
Classification Demon
Element Water 2
Health 22,500
Resistances Immune to stun, freeze, silence, sleep. Extrasensory.

Frigus is a two-phase battle, taking place in the small ice pit that the boss is located in. Shortly after starting the battle, ice spikes will raise that stop you from leaving the pit. In addition, several guards will spawn outside of the pit. If any player, or any pet is still outside the pit at that time, they will enrage, and quickly dispatch of the group. Therefore, make sure that everyone is inside the pit before starting the fight.

In the first phase, Frigus targets you with two main spells you need to dodge:

  • Icicle: Frigus summons a large ice chunk above a random player's head, which drops down after a short time. This deals high water damage to anyone hit, and should be avoided if possible.
  • Frost Flame: Places a frozen flame on the ground, which deals high water damage to anyone in it, and further increases the vulnerability to additional water damage for a short period of time.

Both spells deal very substantial damage, and getting hit by both spells at once is almost guaranteed to knock you out. As Frost Flame is used on Frigus' primary target, whoever tanks Frigus can influence where the spell is cast. You want to avoid placing it in an area that leaves your group boxed in, with no place to dodge Icicle. In addition, placing it on the far left might spell trouble for phase 2.

The start of phase 2 is signaled by the ground starting to shake. During phase 2, geysers erupt from the cracks in the ice. Anyone hit is launched into the air, taking damage from the geyser, as well as falling damage. Frigus still attacks in melee, but will not use any special abilities.

When doing the fight the first time, it might be best to ignore Frigus during phase 2, and just focus on dodging the geysers. These follow a pattern, as shown below:

Frigus (Geysers).jpg

The initial safe spot is on the far left (A), and then moves one "geyser" to the right after every eruption (so B, C, and then D). Once the safe spot reached the far right (D), it moves back to the left, one "geyser" at a time (so C, B and then A). This continues until phase 1 starts again (indicated by a warning stating that 'Frigus resumes his attacks.'). Both phases keep alternating until Frigus has been defeated.

Ice Sculptures

Any ice sculpture that is not destroyed before starting the battle will give Frigus an additional ability. Leaving one sculpture up rewards higher quality loot, leaving both sculptures up rewards a pet.

Note that if you defeat Frigus unscaled while leaving both statues intact, you still get the pet, but lose out on the trophy.

Spirit Sculpture

The spirit sculpture allows Frigus to summon water elementals, which jump out from the water. These elementals absorb energy, growing in size and gaining additional health, so defeating them quickly is important. If an elemental is left alive too long, it becomes empowered and continuously pelts all players with high damage water bolts until defeated.

Demon Sculpture

Name Shade of Frigus
Level 23
Classification Demon
Element Water 2
Health 99,999
Resistances Resistant to freeze. Immune to silence. Extrasensory.

The demon sculpture allows Frigus to retreat into the ice realm. This happens at 70%, 40% and 10% of his health - a shade of Frigus remains outside, but takes greatly reduced damage. As a result, you need to follow Frigus into the ice realm and deal 10% of his health in damage to force him out into the normal realm again.

While in the ice realm, you are attacked by ice spirits, and receive stacks of the "Grim Cold" debuff every few seconds, which continuously deal ice damage to you. These debuffs persist until the end of the encounter (even outside in the normal realm), and carry over to the next time you enter the ice realm. Moving through the ice realm quickly greatly reduces the damage taken from Grim Cold (and the spirits in general).

Note that if the Spirit Sculpture is intact, water elementals will keep spawning outside in the normal realm. If empowered, their water bolts reach you both outside and inside the ice realm, so it is necessary that someone stays back and takes care of them. Upon leaving the ice realm, phase 2 starts immediately.