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Unlike regular groups, which are somewhat temporary, guilds let you stay in touch with your friends over long period of times. There's no requirement to be in a guild, or even direct advantage - aside from the social aspects. Still, being part of a community with common goals or interests, that looks after each other can be quite helpful.

Guilds offer a variety of features to its members:

  • Guild chat (/g, or #Guild)
  • The ability to see who is online in your guild, so it is easier to plan dungeon runs/completing quests or asking certain people for help with such things.
  • A guild bank where guild members can store potions, armor and other resources.
  • Some guilds help their members by covering some of their repair costs.
  • Alliances with other guilds for guild battles (and the #Allies alliance chat)
  • Ranks, letting them give additional privileges to their higher ranked members.
  • Guild pages, allowing their members access the guild bank, mail, storage, and armor repair outside of towns.

Getting into a guild is not difficult, but finding the right guild for you can be. Usually you join an existing guild, by receiving an invitation from someone who's already in that guild, and has permission to invite others. They can either type "/ginvite yourname" or go to the guild roster, click on "Add", and enter your name. Once you join a guild, other players can notice that you are in that particular guild, since the name of your guild is displayed on your player tag.

Creating a Guild

Some players may choose instead to create a guild of their own. In order to do so, they must have 10 gold ready with them and head to Schwartzwald Castle (which is just beyond the chapel) and talk to the Guild Master. Choose to ask a question about guilds > Ask What are the requirements of starting my own guild? > continue on with the dialogue until you get to a prompt > Choose Yes, I do (10 Gold). You will receive an Guild Application Form item. This form must be signed by four different players (excluding yourself, whom are not currently in a guild) in order to start your own guild.


If you are the guild leader you can ally with up to two other guilds. Instead of just allying up with a random guild, it's more of a better idea to ally with guilds that have players that generally have a nice time with each other, socially & playing the game. For example, if you allied with another guild, then both guilds can work together during GvG and, if you win, you both share the rewards.

Only the guild leader (or guild members with the privilege "Manage Alliances") can create alliances. The command to do so is /galliance name-of-other-guild-leader.

  • When you ally with other guilds, you share the limit of how many players can be queued for GvG.
  • Each guild can only have 2 alliances at a time.