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Guild banks are a guild asset that can be purchased from the Guild Master in the Fields of Schwartzwald Castle map by guild leaders.

What is the Guild Bank?

The Guild bank acts as group storage where people can deposit and withdraw items based on their individual rank and permissions assigned to that rank. Any item in your bag can be deposited into the bank if there is an empty space or a place that a stackable item already exists. Just like in your bag only one piece of equipment can occupy an individual slot. The bank also accepts gold and silver deposits that can be used at repair locations throughout the game or withdrawn based on similar permissions as items.

How can I access it?

The bank can be accessed from any of the towns: through the auction house in Saliko, the Guild Master in the Fields of Schwartzwald, Shael in Schwartzwald Castle, Andy in Ashaya, and the Notice Board in Argan. If the Guild Page has been unlocked and you have a Guild Page Whistle, you can call your guilds page and access it from anywhere on the world map.

The Guild Bank

The bank has up to five tabs and must be purchased one at a time by guild leaders before they are available for use. Once purchased the guild leader will have full access to change all permissions of any rank. Each tab is listed by name at the very bottom of the guild bank while it is open. It is important to note that on any tab you can see the level of access that you have in the lower left corner and that it may be different for each tab.

No Limit means you have unlimited withdrawing power, while having a limit (usually represented as hour, day, week, month, etc.) indicates that you can make that number of withdrawals per the time period selected. A withdrawal limit can be either in the form of stacks (any amount of items but you can choose from a limited number of them) or items themselves (any item but with a limit on the amount you can take). Note that choosing between stacks and items is the only option that affects every tab.

  • Stacks example: If you had 50 Healing Potions, 50 Mana Potions, 30 Fluff, 10 Small Silver Coins and a limit of 3 in the guild bank, you could take all 50 healing potions, all 50 mana potions and all 30 fluff, but would be left unable to take the silver coins.
  • Items example: If you had 50 Healing Potions, 50 Mana Potions, 30 Fluff, 10 Small Silver Coins and a limit of 3 in the guild bank, you could take 1 healing potion and 2 mana potions. This would add up to a total limit of 3.

The time period for withdrawals cannot be found for any member that does not have access to the banking permissions. Try to be aware of how long it takes to get your numbers back or ask someone in your guild that would have rights to change the permissions if you want to know the time period. Anyone can view a log of recent actions per tab by clicking the log button at the bottom of the tab. If you have privileges to edit permissions, each tab will have a manage button in the lower right corner. This is where you fine tune who can do what within the bank at what rank. Tabs can be renamed to most anything that you like as a guild leader.

You will see along the right side of the first tab a total of how much gold is in the bank and what you can do with it. You can use the deposit button to deposit as much gold as you like to help your guild, but depending on your permissions you may not be able to get it back out. You can see how much you are allowed for repairs and how much you can withdraw directly. If you have the permissions to withdraw directly there will be a withdraw button below your withdrawal allowance.

Purchase Costs

Each tab that you purchase will have it's own permissions that are independent of the other tabs. Only the first tab will show an uncapped repository for guild gold.

The first purchase unlocks the first tab and costs (please help me out here). Within this tab you gain 20 slots of storage.

Each purchase after the first will have 35 slots of guild storage. The second purchase unlocks the second tab and costs... The third purchase unlocks the third tab and costs... The fourth purchase unlocks the fourth tab and costs... The fifth purchase unlocks the final tab and costs...