Level editor

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The level editor is the tool that should be used for creating and modifying maps. You need to have your account enabled for map editing, by reading and following the steps in these guides below.

  • Forum thread link. The thread gives a basic overview of how to gain access to the map editor and a few of the controls associated with the map editor.
  • This page gives a brief rundown about about the map editor works, such as the controls, layers, graphics, platforms, limitations, and finally access.
  • This page contains a more recent, highly detailed tutorial for first-time users of the map editor. Also perfect for experienced players looking to refresh their memory on certain aspects of the map editor itself.

You can add custom graphics, see how many times it was viewed, delete the custom map, manage your map's additional settings, such as PvP, GvG enabled combat, and access code through the dashboard. Note that the editor link through here is broken.

This link is what you should go through in order to edit and/or create maps. You will have to log in first.