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The Mail system is that which you use to send messages, money and/or items to other players throughout Elyssia. The system is fairly simple to memorize, and easy to use. When you have mail waiting for you, a letter icon appears at the top of your screen, along with a number of how many messages are waiting for you. You will also receive a notification in your chatbox.

To access your mail, you must be near a Mail Box, and then click on it. Mailboxes can typically be found in Villages, but they may also be found in other locations (such as the entrance of the East Caves. Click the mailbox will automatically show an overview of your inbox, along with four buttons to choose from:

  • Previous
  • Open
  • Write
  • Next

There is a fifth button, the X button on the top right, to close your mailbox. Note that while you are reading or writing mail, you cannot move, fight, or shop. While, villages are generally safe from monsters, other locations may not be.

The "Previous", "Open" and "Next" buttons will be shaded out if they are not available (for example, the "Next" button only shows up once a second page of mail exists. Each page holds six letters). Your mail is sorted by date (the oldest messages go last), and there is no limit as to how much mail you can have.

To open letters simply double click it. You can also click on it, and then select "Open". Once the letter is open, you can read it, reply to it, and delete it. If items or gold are attached to to the letter, they will show at the bottom, and you can double-click to retrieve them.

Should it be that you don't have enough space for your items, as many as possible will be taken. If you reopen a letter, all items and gold that you have already retrieved will be shown for your records, but faded out. Using the "Reply" and "Delete" buttons, you can reply to the sender, or delete the letter. The "close" button closes the letter, and keeps it in your inbox. The "return" button returns the letter, and any items still attached to the sender. You cannot return a letter that has no items attached to it, or after you took all the items from it.

If you want to write a letter, press the "Write" button in your inbox. Put the name of who you want to send it to, an optional subject line, and write your letter in the centre. At the bottom, you can attach gold (by typing in the amount) or items (such as potions or armour by dragging them in from your inventory). Note that it is not possible to send quest items, or items that are bound.


The post offices of Saliko and the Kingdom of Elyssia will charge a small postage fee for delivering your letter:

  • The minimum postage is 3 silver.
  • Each different item you attach makes the letter heavier, and costs an extra 10 silver.
  • If you write more than 100 characters, your character will need to start an extra page. This costs 2 silver.
  • Sending gold or silver does not incur any additional fees.

After you finish your letter, you can either send it via the send button. Discarding the letter closes it without sending.

Special Cases

There are two cases in which you will not be able to reply to letters:

  • A letter is sent to you by an Non-Player Character (NPC). These are denoted by a "#" before and after their name in the inbox.
  • If you received a notification from a moderator (such as, after using the "/feedback" system to write a ticket), you will see a special message alerting you to do that. You are able to click on the message to read and reply to the response no matter where you are. Replying to support tickets does not cost any postage.

Guild Pages

If you are in a guild, and have been given a guild whistle to summon your Guild's Page, they can be used to access your mail as well. Simply click on your guild page after summoning it, and then on the "Send to town to get your mail" option.

Items Stored in Mail

When you send mail containing attached items to another player, it will last for 60 days. Alternatively, you can send the mail to yourself when your bags and/or storage is full to act as a means of temporary storage. When left in the mail, be mindful of when to retrieve your items (or else they will be lost forever). Once the items are retrieved, the mail will no longer expire and become permanent.