NPC: Akia

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Your friendly Saliko Priest
Akia sitting on the Saliko Village Fountain.

Akia is an NPC in Saliko Village. She assists you on various quests throughout Saliko, and also makes an appearance during quests later on in your journey outside of Saliko.


Akia belongs to a species of plant creatures that live high up on Midnight Mountain - a mountain surrounded by other mountains so high that no sunlight ever reaches it. Since it is always night there, animals and plants have adapted so they can be seen in the scarce light that's there, displaying vibrant and iridescent colours.

For as far back as these little plant creatures can remember, they have always been at Midnight Mountain; together with Elders (larger tree-like creatures) that they honour. Recently more and more vile monsters have popped up at the mountain, so they built themselves a large fortification around their village, and have so far successfully fended off any that wanted to do them harm.

Akia got separated from them; how, she doesn't remember. She was found by farmers at the cave leading to the foot of Midnight Mountain and raised at their place, as the only one of her kind. Going back was not an option; Midnight Mountain is known to be extremely dangerous (save for the now fortified village Akia came from), so everyone avoids it, and no one knows what's there.

Akia dreams of becoming a priest; aside from what the farmers taught her, she knows a few powerful regeneration spells that she learned from the elders when she was still with her kind. Being careful by nature show knows not to share knowledge about magic with strangers (after all, their village back at Midnight Mountain has been under attack for a long time now, and you don't want to make a potential enemy stronger). At the same time, however, she is also very protective over her friends, and won't let any harm come to them, no matter what.


In quests where Akia will assist you, she will be using the following skills:

Heal Lv.1 on friendly targets: Heals for ~37; 1.3 seconds cast time, 1 second cooldown. Heal Lv.1 on herself: Heals for ~37; 1.3 seconds cast time, 1 second cooldown (50% chance, if she is below 50% HP).

Quests Involved In


Part of Saliko Village Garden quest line

  • Save the Apples!
  • Save the Apples! II

Part of Cladt Scytheclaw quest line

  • Reserves for the Winter
  • Reserves for the Winter II
  • An Unusual Team
  • No Chance for Thieves! (repeatable)

Part of Emerald Shield skill quest line

  • A Bouquet
  • Field Trip to the Plains
  • Orchids of the Plains
  • The Strange Scroll II
  • Blessings of Nature

Part of Crystal Crypt quest line

  • Language Barriers
  • Spirit Medium
  • Under Attack!
  • The Crystal Crypt
  • On Hallowed Grounds
  • All Good Things

Part of Moonlight Monastery - Space Station (SS-AR1) quest line

  • The Sigils of Life II
  • Displaced


Part of Valentine's quest line

  • A Mean Trick
  • Tigers and Roses


  • On various quests, Akia will act as an interpreter for you, indicating that she is knowledgable in the language of the Ancients & the lizards.
    • You can talk to her while escorting her down the Space Station, and she'll translate a nearby sign for you.
    • She is able to understand what Cynthia (the lizard) is saying.