Saliko Village

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Map of Saliko Village
A Map of Saliko Village
Map of Saliko Village
Peachleaf Cafe - Storeroom
Peachleaf Café Training Grounds[sv 1] Saliko Village Garden
To Saliko Fields I

Saliko Village

To East Saliko Forest (1)
  1. Only a Hunter can access the Training Grounds through the quest Target Practice offered by Akia. Must have completed the prerequisite quest A Deal with Erik.

Saliko Village is the first village that new adventurers reach. It offers services such as repairs, skills and stat resets, as well as shops where you can sell the various items you picked up, and restock.

Reaching Saliko Village is straightforward. From when you strand in Saliko, simply keep travelling to the right. It is still recommended that you complete the quests along the way: they quickly introduce you to combat and dungeons, without being overly difficult to defeat. In addition to earning silver, some basic equipment and enough experience to reach level 5 (which is when most quests in Saliko Village become available), you will also get a combat pet that you can call, to fight with you for the rest of your adventures.

In addition, Saliko Village hosts many of the events that occur at specific times of the year, such as Easter and Halloween. Alyshia will have a special NPC located beside her which acts as a shop for many of the event rewards.

Saliko Mail.pngMailbox ARepair.pngArmor Repair Stat.pngStat Reset Skill.pngSkill Reset ToAB.pngToken Exchange AH.pngAuction House
Storage.pngItem Storage Shops.png Shops GB.pngGuild Bank MCI.pngCustom Maps Fur.pngFur Dye MHunt.pngMonster Hunt

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Guest NPCs:

  • Territ (Peachleaf Café Storeroom)