NPC: Janette

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Janette, the owner of the Peachleaf Café.

Janette can be found in the café of Saliko Village. She sells food and potions to adventurers that pass by. She can also be found near the entrance of the East Caves with a shop stand.

Basic NPC Services


Peachleaf Cafe

Item Price
Apple 5 silver
Cold Milk 9 silver
Empty Bottle 9 silver
Orange Juice 13 silver
Cupcake 18 silver
Taco 23 silver
Chocolate Covered Strawberry 23 silver
Bowl of Ice Cream 23 silver
Grapes 23 silver
Blue Pen 23 silver
Cotton Paper 23 silver
Recipe: Taco 32 silver
Recipe: Tropical Fruit Skewers 45 silver
Lesser Healing Potion 54 silver
Recipe: Lesser Healing Potion 63 silver
Recipe: Lesser Mana Potion 63 silver
Lesser Mana Potion 77 silver
Pink Pouch 90 silver

The East Caves

Item Price Stock
Cold Milk 9 silver
Enchanted Rose Petal 9 silver
Small Healing Potion 32 silver
Cloth Pouch 50 silver
Small Mana Potion 72 silver
Green Leather Pouch 72 silver
Lesser Mana Potion 77 silver x2
Star Pouch 3 gold, 15 silver x1

Offered Quests


  • More Trouble in the Storeroom