NPC: Erik

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Erik, the stern yet dignified blacksmith.

Erik is the blacksmith of Saliko Village. He stands in front of the weapon shop, will repair your armour, and teach warriors about battle stances.

Basic NPC Services


Item Price
The Art of Defence For Warriors 5 silver
Effective Combat For Warriors 5 silver
Small Red Pouch 20 silver
Simple Bow 45 silver
Leather Glove 5 Token of Accomplishment
Scrubby Bag 10 Scrubby Fur
  • During the new year's events, Erik will also sell three differently colored fireworks for a bit of silver.
  • A warrior can purchase The Art of Defence For Warriors and use it to obtain the skill Defensive Stance. Purchasing the Effective Combat For Warriors and using it will result in obtaining the skill Battle Stance.

Quests Involved In

  • Bug Patrol
  • Prove Your Worth
  • Trouble in the Storeroom
  • [Important] Protector of the Guardian Stones
  • A Deal with Erik
  • Target Practice
  • Target Practice (repeatable, offered only to Hunters)
  • Joining the Ranks