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Any armour you wear becomes damaged in battle, and will eventually break if you never repair it.

Blacksmiths in any of the villages will repair your armour for a small fee, which depends on how much your armour is damaged. Also, some characters that you will meet outside the villages may also be able to repair your armour.

There are a few things to note:

  • You can repair your armour even after it broke. You will not get charged extra for repairing broken armour, but once armour breaks you can not wear it (and thus will not benefit from its stats) until you repaired it.
  • There is a minimum price of 2 silver per piece that blacksmiths will charge as soon as your armour has received a single scratch. Do not repair too early, especially not if the price they request is that minimum! Chances are, you can keep going much longer before your armour is damaged enough for them to go up with the price.
  • Your armour does not degrade from being damaged. Even if your armour is about to break, it will still provide the same protection as a fully repaired piece.


How long a piece of armour lasts depends on its durability. Most have a durability of 1400 points. Durability gets reduced in two ways:

  • Every five seconds that you are in combat, any armour that you have equipped loses 1 point of durability. Note that if a monster that you control directly (for example, using possess or charming potions, this does not include pets) enters combat, you are considered to be in combat as well.
  • If you get knocked out, the durability of any armour you have equipped is reduced by 3% of however many points it has as maximum. For most armour this equals to 42 durability points.

The durability of your armour shown in the "Condition:" label, when you hover over it.

Condition Remaining Durability
##### 100%
#### 80-99%
### 60-79%
## 40-59%
# 20-39%
Damaged 1-19%
Broken 0%

Once an item becomes "Damaged", an outline of your character is shown on the right of your screen, with the damaged item highlighted in orange. Despite that, however, your armour will still last a good while, and it will still offer the same protection as a fully repaired piece. With a damaged item, you can still get knocked out six times, or be in constant combat for 22 minutes before it will break.