Item Storage

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The Item Storage is a place where you can store items that you wouldn't or couldn't carry around during combat. Examples of what you can have in your storage are herbs, potions, quest items, crafting/alchemy materials, spare equipment that is bound to you and more that would normally fill up in your inventory.

How do I get Storage and What is the Cost?

While initially purchased from Andy in Ashaya Village, your storage can be upgraded to a maximum of 400 slots through multiple gold payments by the same NPC. Note that you can only upgrade the storage by 25 or 50 slots at a time with each gold payment.

Storage Space Cost
75 slots 80 gold
250 slots 300 gold
400 slots 500 gold

Is Storage shared between characters of my account?

The item storage is for individual characters only; it is not shared between characters of your account (though you can buy a storage for each character you possess!).

Where do I access it?

The storage can usually only be accessed within towns, but if the guild you join has a guild page, you may access your storage using your guild whistle.