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Andy is an NPC in A Back Alley, located in Ashaya Village. He is a shady, conniving character who may frequently trick you again and again to cheat you out of your money and riches. He isn't mean but he is sly. He also collects monsters and rare creatures, which he will ask you to fight in the Ashaya Arena. While he does pay you a good amount of gold for your endeavors, he is still tricky! He also has a love of shiny things. Namely Emeralds. And gold. Lots and lots of gold.

You can also purchase and expand your storage from him in exchange for a large sum of gold.

Basic NPC Services

After completing the quests leading to the Ashaya Arena, Andy will offer you several services:

Purchasable Services

  • Item Storage (purchase and upgrade storage for gold)
  • Costume (purchase the Prismatic Cloth from Andy's shop and use it, unlocks costume slots in your equipment tab)


Item Price
Empty Bottle 20 silver
Empty Enchanted Vial 2 gold, 5 silver
Demonic Essence 59 silver
Recipe: Greater Healing Potion 2 gold, 25 silver
Recipe: Potion of Fury 2 gold, 69 silver
Recipe: Greater Mana Potion 2 gold, 70 silver
Recipe: Charming Potion 4 gold, 50 silver
Enchanted Manathread 15 gold, 75 silver
Reinforced Emeraldthread 15 gold, 75 silver
Prismatic Cloth 100 gold
Stone of the Warrior* 540 gold
Stone of the Hunter* 540 gold
Stone of the Mage* 540 gold
Stone of the Priest* 540 gold
Cloth Pocket 7 Thick Snowhide
Padded Snowhide Bag 20 Thick Snowhide
Bracelet of the Thousand Spiders 500 Frozen Spider Leg
Copper Gel 1 Philosopher's Gel

Quests Involved In


  • A Chilling Challenge (repeatable once per day)
  • Basic Acrobatics (repeatable once per day)
  • Demonic Vibes (repeatable once per day)
  • Severe Weather (repeatable once per day)


Part of Equipment Dyes, Stix (trial) and Ichas (trial) quest line

  • In Need of Needles
  • Needles Trouble

Part of Equipment Sets quest line

  • Thanks, but no thanks!
  • Unfit for His Majesty
  • All's Fair In Greed and Fashion
  • All's Fair In Greed and Fashion II

Part of Snowscrub pet quest line (requires Snow Plains Dungeon Master trophy)

  • Village Deed (first talk to Benjamin while wearing the Colours of Ashaya tabard)

Emeraldscale Lizard pet quest line

  • A Glittering Emerald (must have at least 1 Glittering Emerald in your inventory)
  • Andy's Deal (will only offer the quest if you have at least one Glittering Emerald in your bag)
  • Bread and Circuses (part of Potions of Obedience quest line from Kay)

North Cap quest line (talk to Birk in Timeless Waters to start the quest line)

  • Village Debts
  • Village Debts II

Part of Class Stones quest line

  • Old Familiar


  • Rare Skins (will only offer the quest if you have at least one Thick Snake Skin in your bag, repeatable)


Valentine's - Andy's Date quest line

  • The Perfect Date
  • The Perfect Date II
  • The Perfect Date III
  • Fine Dining I
  • Fine Dining II
  • Fine Dining III
  • Fine Dining IV


  • Branching out to new Business (Christmas events, get a fir tree to decorate, repeatable yearly)


  • If you have Colourful Feathers in your inventory, Andy will prompt a dialogue option, allowing you to exchange 250 of them for a Freckled Egg, containing a turkey pet.
  • In the Valentine's event quest line The Perfect Date, Andy has a crush on Jasmine.