Ashaya Village

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Ashaya Village, a cold town with a warm heart.
The main pathway through Ashaya Village

Ashaya Village, a town that lies in the snowy tundra of Elyssia.

Ashaya Village is located in the Kingdom of Elyssia. It is one of the only villages whose area is not limited to one distinct map. It connects to both the Back Alley and North Entrance. Through a detour in the forest, it leads to the Toy Factory in South Ashaya Village. Past South Ashaya Village to the south-east is West Thymian Fields (beware of higher level monsters), which leads to Thymia Village.

Before you can enter Ashaya, you'll have to prove yourself to the residents though several quests that they offer. As your reputation with them increases, they'll offer new services and quests. If you get stuck with nowhere to go, try examining your surroundings and approach special monsters outside the village to find items that will move the quests forward.

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