NPC: Alyshia

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Alyshia, the mayor of Saliko Village.

Alyshia is the mayor of Saliko Village. She is responsible for coordinating many events that happen throughout the year in Paw'D. Alyshia always stands near the entrance to the village garden and the bulletin board. Event NPC shops appear next to her during Easter and Halloween, while the Christmas shop can be accessed by directly talking to her.

Basic NPC Services


Token Shop

Item Price
Small Healing Potion 1 Token of Accomplishment
Cloth Pouch 3 Token of Accomplishment
Leather Glove 5 Token of Accomplishment
Token of Accomplishment 1 Token of Bravery
Pink Shark Hat 5 Token of Bravery
Sharp Claw 5 Token of Bravery
Pink Bow 5 Token of Bravery
Potion of Life 5 Token of Bravery
Cloth Cap 5 Token of Bravery
Flower Earring 8 Token of Bravery
Hat of the Forest Witch 8 Token of Bravery
Archer's Apple 8 Token of Bravery
Moon Necklace 8 Token of Bravery
Thick Glasses 8 Token of Bravery
Regal Pouch of Saliko 10 Token of Bravery
Saliko Dungeon Warp Scroll 45 Token of Bravery

Event Shops

For details on the Easter shop, please see Easter.

For details on the Halloween shop, please see Halloween.

For details on the Christmas shop, please see Christmas.

Quests Involved In

  • Missing: Jolie
  • Help in Saliko Garden
  • Missing: Rain
  • Missing: Jianna
  • Take No Chances!
  • Village Treasures (during St. Patricks events)
  • The Cadet's Key (must purchase the Cadet's Key from the Halloween shop during the Halloween events, then talk to Alyshia anytime)