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During the final week of October throughout till the first few weeks of November, the Halloween events will suddenly swoop into Elyssia, where you can expect to find most of the noticeable ones occur in Saliko Village. In addition, additional events may occur from the other villages too that you have to watch out for. Most of the activities are listed below.

Event Details

All around Elyssia, there will be NPC's waiting for you to go and talk to them, in a good old trick or treat meet to greet (you don't even need a costume!). The first NPC that you will talk to will offer you a bag of treats, while talking to more NPC's afterwards will only offer you the usual Candy Corn instead. You can round up multiple treat bags the more characters you have, but at the same time can be very time-consuming. This can be repeated daily.

There are also trophies you can obtain from Halloween, by simply participating in trick or treating with each individual NPC (note that some NPCs will not offer you a trick or treat option), or collecting each type of candy so you can sample on them. But a third of the trophies will come from defeating the notorious Darneus boss (recommended level 37) and participating in a battle of agility against other infected players as you try to nibble on every non-infected player.

Saliko Village

Saliko Village acts as the central hub for two things: mainly the Halloween shop (the Large Pumpkin NPC beside Alyshia) for spending all those tokens you've collected, and hosts the terrifying Zombie Siege event. Each purchase can be quite costly, so choose wisely as you browse through the event shop's wares. Note that if you don't have enough tokens for that one good item that you wanted, you can always save up those tokens for next year (it'll reuse the same tokens).

Halloween Shop

Items Cost (tokens) Description
Potion of Life 1 Potion used to revive another player
Ancient Scroll of Summon 2 One-time use; summon group members to your location
Bag of Treats 2 Mysterious goodies can be found in here
Small Halloween Cake 3 Food item
Greater Healing Potion 5 Potion item
Greater Mana Potion 5 Potion item
Colours of Halloween 13 Tabard equipment
Tabard of the Forest Witch 13 Tabard equipment
Spirit-sized Derpy Hat 40 For Derpy Water Spirit pet
Spirit-sized Evil Hat 40 For Evil Water Spirit pet
Bone Claw 40 Anklet equipment
Velvet Bow 40 Neck equipment
Black Coat 40 Tabard equipment
Jack o' Lantern 40 Maw equipment
Cadet's Key 60 Initiates quest to Space Station; open chest to receive Fog Generator[1]
Strange Pumpkin 80 Plant in the ground, when fully grown receive a Cursed Pumpkin pet
Cotton Collar 80 For Fenyr pet


After the Zombie Siege event, a special type of zombie will randomly spawn somewhere in Saliko. Finding this zombie can get you infected, allowing you to bite and infect other players. Having the most bites after the Halloween events end will yield in a special halloween tabard, along with trophies for achieving a certain amount of bites (you cannot cheat by biting a character you made on another account, sorry!).

Jak o' Pumpkin

Protected by the shadows, a powerful demon named Jak has been haunting the forest of Saliko. With none of it's denizens strong enough, their only hope is a group of brave heroes ending his terrors.

Menace in the Shadows is a world event that lasts 30 minutes with a level scale of 35. Randomly in Saliko Forest, Jak o' Pumpkin will appear several minutes after Zombie Siege ends. Defeating him will yield five Halloween tokens per player.

In addition, you need to defeat Jak o' Pumpkin in order to obtain a quest item, which is used for a quest line with Rose the Witch. Completing this quest line will yield you a young forest lizard pet (a baby green lizard that is transparent).


The quest line to unlocking Darneus begins at Yvi, after helping her out with the Safe Havens quest (defeat 24 Jungle Skitterers) at Lower Blackwood Wilderness.

  • The first set of quests are Ashes to Ashes (I to III), where Yvi's tent has been destroyed, and you must defeat the spirits ravaging the area where the tent used to exist to recover a scroll.
  • Then you must take this scroll to Will, where he will instruct you to go to Danae in the Southern Seas. (Quests: Ashes to Ashes III, It Can Too Be Coincidence!)
  • After some dialogue, Danae will ask you to go to the Moonlight Monastery with her, in scaled hard mode to face Terechia. (Quests: It Can Too Be Coincidence!, Are you 'Kitten' Me, Back to the Roots)
  • Then while unscaled, go to the Garden, and take the western portal. This area should be filled with high-level poisonous snakes. Reach the end of the hallway to find a letter on the ground, as well as a ring. (Quests: A First Lead, Back to Square One)
  • The next set of quests will have you take a trip back to Will, then to Curly. The quest line should end at Hallow's End, where you finally unlock the tombstone to summon Darneus. (Quests: Love and Memories, Digging in the Past, Hallow's End)

Note that you can summon Darneus regardless of the event period after you unlocked him. However, you can only obtain the trophies, tokens, Halloween-themed equipment and special spooky decorations for your cavern during Halloween as part of Darneus's drops. The quest line only appears during Halloween.

Trick-or-Treating Spots

Regular Locations

  • Sylvana (Far West of Saliko Village)
  • Eric (blacksmith of Saliko Village)
  • Alyshia (mayor of Saliko Village)
  • Alexandra Gibson (Fur Dye, Saliko Village)
  • Ervin (Monster Tag, Saliko Village)
  • Janette (owner of the Peachleaf Cafe in Saliko Village)
  • Coren (Small Cave in the High Plains)
  • Tanja (Tanja's Bakery in Ashaya Village)
  • Jan Glitterclaw (North Cap Settlement, talk to Jacob after defeating Baldarr, unlock quest line first)
  • Ashaya Exile Guard (Cave to Midnight Mountain)
  • Lieshy (Cave to Midnight Mountain)
  • Roc (Argan Village)
  • Tiny Forest Sprite (Argan Village, pink hairpin, collects herbs) [one-time]
  • Tiny Forest Sprite (Argan Village, pink hairpin, Rick Argan fan) [one-time]
  • Jaco (Twigmoss Burrow, east of Argan Village)
  • Nelvi (Lower Plateau, entrance to Caves of Mirage/Tunnels of Illusion)
  • Elly (Resting spot between Caves of Mirage and Tunnels of Illusion)
  • Birk (Timeless Waters, south-east entrance of Forest of Illusion, near Temple of Trials)
  • Nicole (Blackwood Caverns)

Unique Locations

  • Rose the Witch will turn you into a cat (like Rina or Danae).
  • Andy in Ashaya Village will sell one Bag of Treats for one gold per day. If you buy Andy's Bag of Treats before getting the free Bag of Treats from the first NPC you meet, you will lose out on the free bag.
  • Rosie at South Ashaya Village (outside of Toy Factory) will give you a Neatly Wrapped Candy (red).
  • Dahlia at Southern Seas will give you a Bowl of Ice Cream or actual Ice Cream.
  • The Cannoneer at the Rock Island dock will give you a Glass of Eggnog, a Bottle of Rum or a Glass of Hibiscus Tea.
  • Tera at the Blackwood Hive will turn you into a skeleton.


  1. The fog generator is a furniture item that can be placed in a room in Blackwood Caverns. When clicked on, it gives you the option to add fog into your room, as well as control it's density (how thick or thin the fog is) and direction (fog is trailing left, right, or still in one spot).
  • A Bag of Treats can yield a variety of common items, such as taffy (orange can only be found in a bag of treats) or candy corn. Uncommon items include a variety of different transformation wands, with a rare chance of obtaining a magic wand (with no name of a monster). This wand can be used to summon spirits to an area, where usually one of them will drop a cursed branch (where it can be picked up by each individual player to total up to several branches). Equipment can also be found from the bag of treats, such as a Bat Pin, a Phoenix Mask and a Black Cat Mask. Rarely can you find a Halloween token in a bag of treats.
    • The available monsters that you can be disguised as are: Dormouse A (Raider), Dormouse B (Cannoneer), Dormouse C (Sea Shaman), Fliffy, Lizard, Mine Worker, Mummy, Shooey, and Vile Sprite.
  • You can also obtain Halloween tokens from defeating Nyranthix in the Moonlight Monastery.
  • Apparitions randomly appear near the Church in Saliko (a Shooey), and at the top of Galepeak (an Ice Ghost/baby Warriorbane). These are friendly, and will follow the closest person to them, assisting them in fights while being invulnerable themselves. However, they can easily be abandoned if the player teleports to another location, logs off, and/or is picked up by another player, which causes them to randomly be left somewhere.
  • At this time of the year, Yvi's tent in Lower Wilderness will be inaccessible, due to spirits destroying the tent as part of a quest line leading to Darneus. Make sure to buy anything you might want, such as bleach dye, leather pockets, or ores before the Halloween events start.
  • At this time of the year, Harrison will appear with a quest line in the Blackwood Caverns. This is required in order to unlock Pyramid (located on the west side of the Southern Seas).