Zombie Siege

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The zombie siege is an event that takes place in Saliko Village during the Halloween events. Several players come to make a last stand to defend the barricaded door leading to the Peachleaf Café, a safe location where most of the NPCs relocate to during the siege.


The objective is to defend the barricaded door leading to the Peachleaf Café. Much like a tower defense, if the barricade reaches zero health, the Café is breached, causing the event to end immediately.

Participation Details

Before the siege takes place, all NPCs in Saliko Village (with the exception of Alyshia, Luca, Alexandra Gibson and Eric) will move into the Peachleaf Cafe to barricade the door. At 3:05 AM, Akia will indicate how the fog is getting worse in the village. At 3:10 AM, any service to mail, auction and storage in the village is restricted during this time, but you can still access those services via your Guild Page.

During this period of time, all participants within Saliko Village are scaled to Level 15. Shortly after, waves of monsters, such as shoos, shooeys, zombies and wailer bats spawn from both sides of the map, and all players must work together to defend the barricade from the monsters. Any player can still access the Café while the siege is occurring.

After the siege has passed, a special zombie will randomly spawn in Saliko. When you find it, it will try to pass off it's infection to you. Many players will compete to find this zombie first, so that they may bite and infect the most number of players as part of the event trophies. In addition, there is a special count list that by the end of the Halloween events, the top players with the most bites will receive a special Halloween tabard.


The more monsters that you defeat, the more halloween tokens are rewarded to you at the end of the siege. The reward is not a group effort, meaning that the person who defeated the most monsters will yield the most tokens, while players that only managed to defeat a few will receive less. But that does not mean you should hog all the monsters for yourself (there is a limit to the maximum tokens you can get in the event!)

Event Times

The zombie siege takes place at 3:05 AM in-game time (use the /time command to check). This is followed by a 5 minute period of dialogue until 3:10 AM, before eventually being scaled. If you arrive past the time that the players are scaled, you will be placed in another instance of Saliko Village (where the event doesn't occur), and cannot change to the instance with the event until it ends.

Note that the in-game time is six times faster than the real world, so the event would theoretically occur at most 6 times every day, occurring every 4 hours (10 seconds in the real world would be equal to 1 minute in-game).


  • When infected, you temporarily gain access to the skill Bite Lv. 1 (does not consume Fury) if your class is not a Warrior. Warriors will continue to use their regular Bite (that does consume Fury).
  • Being infected allows you to infect other NPCs as well as monsters for a short period of time through the Bite skill. When infecting certain monsters such as a Fliffy, using a Huge Carrot afterwards will allow you to obtain the zombie version of the pet. Not many pets can possess a zombie-like ghost form.