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Rooms are one of the many features in Paw'd that can only be reached at Blackwood Caverns. They are a special instanced map that allows you to customize and place furniture and many other decorations on. Once you have acquired a room either from purchasing it or received one from a quest, it is permanently there for you to mess around with as you see fit.

Acquiring a Room

A room can be acquired through two ways.

One is by doing a series of quests with Laurel, until you reach the quest Part of the Family. This is a tedious task; do not expect that you will get your room in less than a day. Once you have finally got to that point in the quest line, you'll receive a room of your own that can be accessed (at Lv. 1 by default without any upgrades). Note that you cannot upgrade this room; only a cave that you bought will be able to be upgraded.

Second is by purchasing a room for a large amount of gold. You cannot purchase a room that another player has already taken within the same instance. Depending on the room you choose, it will have a varying price on it, either between 1500, 1625 or 1750 gold. Do not purchase a room in instance 10, because normally you are not allowed in that instance. You should only purchase a room in either Instance (also known as caves) 1, 2 or 3. These rooms can be upgraded, currently to a max of Lv. 3 at the moment.

  • Rooms 2, 4 and 5 will cost 1500 gold.
  • Rooms 7, 8 and 9 will cost 1625 gold.
  • Rooms 1, 3 and 10 will cost 1750 gold.


Furniture is needed in order to decorate your cavern. It can be acquired in many different ways, such as treasure chests or spoils from dungeons, defeating world bosses, sold in shops and made by the Crafting skill with the proper manuals. An example of furniture is from during the Christmas events, where a variety of monsters will drop ornaments. These ornaments which can be either used to decorate trees or be used as furniture in your room.

When you double-click a furniture item in your inventory, it will bring up some text about which key to mirror the furniture and replacing the cursor with a transparent version of the actual furniture. Left-click your mouse in the spot to select that spot as to where you'll place the furniture on. Unlike many games with customization options to homes, you can overlap multiple furniture on each other.

The maximum amount of furniture that a room can have is 100. The room size affects how much furniture can be placed in it (you can place more furniture in a room at Lv. 3 than one at Lv. 1).

Each furniture has its own set of parameters, features which can limit the furniture from being wildly misplaced (in other words breaking the laws of physics), such as a fireplace floating in air. These are some of the parameters that each furniture may or may not have.

  • Position (freely or limited on ground)
  • Walkable (able to walk on it like a platform or not)
  • The option to dye the colors of the furniture (hue, saturation, brightness)
  • Rearrangement (back and front platform)

As objects, certain furniture will have special properties associated with it as you interact with them. Many of the features are listed here:

  • Storage
  • Mail
  • Tea
  • 2D Tron Light-cycle minigame (up to 4 players using WASD keys)
  • Drawing (with multiple players, has a simple UI)
  • Adding or changing an image displayed on the furniture itself
  • Weather effects such as fog (thickness, direction) and snow (size, amount)
  • Jukebox (play music, access your CD collection from the CDs you used)


Right when you enter Blackwood Caverns, there will be a wooden signpost NPC located beside a mailbox on the ground. This will allow you to go to your room immediately (your room in Room 6 if you have acquired it), access a friend's room (as long as they have put your name on their sign), check out which room a certain player owns or go to a different cave (change instances).

In Room 6, a wooden sign NPC is located beside the portal to your room. Interacting with this sign will bring up a list of five players that you have had their names written on, allowing them to access your room via the signpost at any time. Note that you cannot write a player's name on the list unless they are in the same group as you. In Room 6 by manually walking towards your room while in a group, you will only access that group leader's room (but you can still reach your room via the signpost).

There are wooden signs that are outside of each room in Blackwood Caverns. If you have bought a room, the wooden sign allows you to do a couple of handy features. This includes locking the door (so that no one except you can access your room at any time), the option to transfer your room ownership to the guild you're currently in (to your guild leader) and the option to upgrade your cavern at the expense of gold.

Trading Untradeable Furniture

If you unlocked a room through Laurel's quests, you can trade untradeable furniture. If Player A has a untradeable chair they want to give to Player B, simply have Player B give Player A access to their room by adding their name to the list. Then, Player A can set down an untradeable chair in Player B's room. Player B can then remove the untradeable chair from their room and put it into their inventory/storage as if they had it in the first place.


  • You can own up to two rooms per character if you have purchased a cave in Blackwood Caverns, one being your room that was bought, the other that Laurel rewarded you with from her quest.
  • If you are planning on investing in a room, there should be no need to purchase more than one room, unless it is for your guild. There is however, a level requirement of 35 in order to purchase it.
  • You can upgrade a room up to two times. The cost of this is roughly 250 gold for the first upgrade - then 500 for the second. Between each upgrade, you'll have to wait for a couple hours (since you are technically hiring diggers to make more room for your cavern).
  • Furniture that has the ability to be rearranged takes up 2 instead of 1. This is because as stated by the developer, the game has no notion of back and front, therefore you're still on the same platform. What is done is to add another platform in order to make the furniture go behind or in front of another.
  • You cannot remove furniture that is placed underneath another piece of furniture. This applies to only furniture that can be only placed on a ground or solid platform.
  • Temporary objects such as a picnic, a pattern machine or a replica toy christmas tree count towards the total amount of furniture in your room. Do not use them in your room while you are still adding furniture.
  • Christmas trees in a player's room do not count towards the Christmas events. This means that they won't be removed at the time of the next Christmas.