Blackwood Caverns

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Blackwood Caverns is a settlement comprised of many connecting caves, located at the heart of the jungle in Midnight Mountain. Outside of it lies the dangerous woodlands of the Blackwood Wilderness, which has yet to be thoroughly discovered. It is home to many plant and tree spirits, as well as generations of settlers that have came to pass. Over time as you aid the residents with their troubles, you will find more people around the caverns, and eventually unravel the mysteries surrounding the mountain.

As you gain reputation with the people of Blackwood Jungle, the village will offer more services and quests.

In addition, the village offers homes in the form of rooms in which players can customize and decorate to their liking as long as they have furniture with them. In order to compensate for the amount of players with getting their own cavern, the village currently has four separate instances (known as Cave 1, 2, 3 and so on) to suffice. Each cave has up to 9 rooms for individual players each (with the exception of Room 6 belonging to Laurel's family) that can be purchased for a large sum of gold. As you get along with Laurel later with her quests, you will eventually gain access to a free room (meaning you don't have to purchase a room yourself!).

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Guest NPCs:

  • Harrison (Blackwood Caverns, appears during Halloween events, disappears upon completion of quest line)


  • This village introduces NPC's that change their location or disappears depending on in-game time, such as Laurel and Cody. If Laurel is not outside, she will be in Room 6.
  • After the events of the quest Into the Abyss, Laurel is temporarily relocated to Laurel's Room. At this time, you cannot interact with her and any quests that involve Laurel in it cannot be completed. She returns after you have successfully cleared Blackwood Depths on hard mode as well as the dream area (Critical Care trophy). Cythia is also relocated to Laurel's Room, and is beside Laurel.