The Abandoned Burrow

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Zandra can be found here, accompanied by her four guards.

The Abandoned Burrow is a cave filled with insects, west of Saliko Village. It can be completed alone at level 3, or by a group of adventurers.

General Strategy

Most hazards in this dungeon consists of a variety gnats, and should not pose much of a threat. That said, it is still well possible to get knocked out by pulling several groups of monsters at once.

As long as you take your time however, and let yourself heal up every once in a while, you should be fine.

Zandra the Venomous

Name Zandra the Venomous
Level 6
Classification Insect
Element Wind 1
Health 335
Resistances None

The one and final boss of the abandoned burrow is Zandra, a level 6 insect. She is surrounded by four gnats that guard her. They can be attacked without getting Zandra's attention. Engaging Zandra will cause any remaining guards rush to her help, which is the objective of the Little More Than Gnats trophy. Defeating her while keeping the guards alive will result in getting the trophy.



The Abandoned Burrow is not an actual dungeon, but rather an instanced area with a boss at the end. As such, you will not be bound to the dungeon if you defeat Zandra, and can run it again after a short while if desired.