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Radium is a young sorcerer who lives next to the entrance leading to the Everchange Caverns. Radium was also a player who created several maps, and thus was immortalized as an NPC selling a variety of items. This also led to the birth of the map called Radium's Den. Radium is the only NPC known to have four different shops.

Radium possesses a lost-and-found shop, allowing you to repurchase equipment received from quests for 25 gold a piece. If there was a quest where you could only choose between one of the listed options, you can sell the equipment and repurchase a different option from the lost-and-found shop. Note that there will be only equipment in the shop if you've sold them previously, and it depends on your progress made through quests (the more quests you've done, the more quest-exclusive equipment you've sold).

Radium also possesses a Fur Pattern shop, allowing you to choose between patterns that have already been previously made for public use by other players and the game master himself. You can preview to see how it would look like on your character, and try it on for free (only you can see it, goes away after logging off and back on), and purchase them at a 30 minute grace period (if you don't like the fur pattern you bought and decide to go after another one). The Fancy Magic Box, sold in Radium's regular shop for 175 gold can be used towards a custom pattern.

Radium also sells special items at the cost of participation badges, which can be earned through helping a new player achieve first-time clear for a dungeon, or tackle on a dungeon at a level scaled to the dungeon's minimum.

Basic NPC Services


Item Price
Apple 5 silver
Cold Milk 10 silver
Empty Bottle 10 silver
Empty Enchanted Vial 62 silver
Tear-Soaked Handkerchief 10 silver
Escape Rod 1 gold
Recipe: Healing Potion 1 gold, 50 silver
Recipe: Mana Potion 1 gold, 75 silver
Flimsy Leather Cap 2 gold
Cloth Pouch 3 gold
Fancy Magic Box 175 gold
Hat of the Forest Witch 40 Bat Wing

VIP Shop

Item Price Stock
Cursed Branch 1 Participation Badge
Bag of Cursed Branches 2 Participation Badge x5
Name Tag 5 Participation Badge
Dungeon Recovery Scroll 7 Participation Badge
Fur Dye Voucher 7 Participation Badge
Bloody Branch 10 Participation Badge
Dungeon Reset Scroll 15 Participation Badge

Quests Involved In

  • Rare Toxins
  • Rude Awakening (repeatable)