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Press and hold down the 'Shift' key to make your character sprint. While sprinting, your character will walk faster, with an indication of a stamina gauge on your screen.


  • Having more Stamina (stat) does not affect the actual stamina gauge itself when sprinting.
  • A full sprint lasts roughly 6-7 seconds. The gauge can be increased by consuming food items, allowing you to sprint for a total of 7-8 seconds.
  • While your stamina gauge is empty, you cannot interact with any target. These monsters will appear to be transparent, indicating that you cannot interact with them. You will also slow down a bit for a brief instant while the gauge has just reached zero.
  • You can automatically refill the entire stamina gauge by gaining velocity from jumping with momentum to it. This is usually a stretched jump, as opposed to a regular jump on a non-linear platform. Stretched jumps at sprint speed can allow you to jump slightly higher than normal and cover more distance, similar to receiving a speed buff.