Stix and Stones

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A swarm of aggressive insects under the lead of Stix has been assaulting anybody unlucky enough to be lured too close to the flowers of the Saliko High Plains. See that Stix is stopped, so that the High Plains are safe once more.

Stix and Stones is a trial that takes place in the High Plains, located on the north-east outskirts of Saliko. You can manually queue for the trial through Coren in A Small Cave in the High Plains, or use Battlegrounds (Game > Community tab > Battle) to do so once it has been unlocked. A typical group set-up will consist of one healer, one tank and one or more damage dealers.

To unlock the trial, you have to first accept the Tailored Help quest line in Ashaya Village. Help Richard obtain the needles he needs, talk to Andy and deliver the package to Coren in the quest Needles Trouble until you get to the Stix and Stones .. quest. Upon accepting the quest, you can queue for Stix at Coren, and upon completion, unlocks the trial in Battlegrounds.

The recommended level is 22-25, and adventurers above level 25 will be scaled down to that level for the trial. A minimum of 3 or more players is required. There are 5 modes of difficulty, ranging from Effortless (costs 3 gold to set it to this difficulty), Easy, Normal, Hard, and Spicy Hot.