The Crystal Crypt

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The Crystal Crypt is a dungeon in the Kingdom of Elyssia, located east of the Exile Camp and the Frostspike Nest, just before heading into the Cave to Midnight Mountain. Although it does not have a guardian stone inside, it is considered to be one of the major dungeons in the game. You will put an end to the exiles that occupy the sacred burrows of the Crystalspike Lizards, and with each passing day, enslaves more of the inhabitants to do their bidding.

It is unlocked via Kay's quest line, beginning at All's Fair In Greed and Fashion, where you attempt to barter with Andy to obtain one of the crystal circlets for Kay. You'll investigate Andy's secretive supply chain in East Elyssia Investigations, find a lizard and retrieve crystals for it (from the chests in Galepeak) in Icy Treasures, and establish a line of trust & communication with it (through Akia) from Crystalline Friendship to Spirit Medium. Furthermore, you'll discover what the exiles have been up to, and infiltrate from within between Under Attack! to The Crystal Crypt. After the events of these quests, the entrance to the Crystal Crypt will be open.

The recommended level for the Crystal Crypt is 36 to 39, and adventurers above 39 will be scaled down to that level for the dungeon. It is also recommended that you have at least 3 or more players before starting the dungeon. A typical group set-up will consist of one healer, one tank and one or more damage dealers.

The Crystal Crypt features two modes of difficulty. By default, the dungeon is set to Hard Mode. By helping the Frostbloom Lizard located at the center-left of Upper Fortifications, the difficulty will be set from Hard Mode to Normal Mode. Note that when facing the bosses in the weaker difficulty, the equipment that drops will be much weaker.

In order to gain access to the Inner Sanctuary to face Elder Patrizya, you need two keycards (one from defeating Axrahn Bladeclaw, and one from Myrthe & Kale.

Axrahn Bladeclaw

Name Axrahn Bladeclaw
Level 39
Classification Brute
Element Neutral 2
Health 171,000
Resistances Immune to stun, freeze and sleep. Resistant to charm.

Axrahn Bladeclaw is the first boss of the Crystal Crypt, located at the Upper Fortifications - Outer Exile Settlement. As you enter the Crystal Crypt, Axrahn can be found at the bottom-left side of the first map. There are plenty of exiles, rogue lizards and spirits as you descend down, so take care of them first.

Axrahn's defending element is Neutral 2, making him heavily vulnerable to Ghost (+50%), as well as weak to Light, Dark, and Poison (all +25%). A Mage is recommended to choose either Fire or Water. The minions that Axrahn will spawn are a mix of Neutral, Dark and Earth elements, making Fire a good candidate against multiple types.

In NM, the difference to the fight is that the lizard will assist you in battle as a healer. In HM, the lizard is controlled by the exiles, playing a crucial part in the fight's gimmicks. After passing the summoning phase in the beginning, the lizard will knock over the box of crystals, scattering them across the ground. The lizard will attempt to bury any crystals left in the ground. Damage dealers must find these crystals scattered across the ground as quickly as possible, pick them up, and only drop them to the lizard when the time is right.

Name Frostflower Lizard
Level 38
Classification Brute
Element Water 2
Health 185,000
Resistances Immune to silence and charm. Resistant to stun, freeze, and sleep.

The main abilities that Axrahn will use are:

  • Swipe: Attacks all targets in front of Axrahn. Players usually call this "frontal", meaning that only the tank must engage the boss in front, while the others stay behind to avoid taking additional damage.
  • Charge: Axrahn has three versions of this skill, one at level 8, level 10 and level 12. It is unclear if he really uses this skill during the fight, aside from catching up to the player that has his attention, or attempting to stop the lizard from touching the box of crystals.
  • Bladedance: Randomly targets a player, causing them to receive an Unbalancing Strikes debuff that makes them take 200% more damage from attacks.
  • Pounce: Axrahn chooses a target to leap onto, causing damage enough to one-hit KO a player. The attack is less effective when multiple players are stacking on top of each other.
    • If a player already afflicted with the debuff from Bladedance stacks with the group to split the damage from Pounce, it will almost always result in a one-hit KO for that player. If the player becomes the target of Pounce, and also has the debuff from Bladedance, they'll cause the entire group to take 200% more damage from the Pounce as well.
  • Mighty Roar: Causes icicles to fall down around the map on the player's positions, dealing moderate or major damage if successful.
  • Dagger Toss: Randomly targets a player, dealing a large amount of damage to them. If the target of the attack is the player with the debuff from Bladedance, it'll result in a one-hit KO. Can be interrupted.
  • Potion: Only used at the end of the summoning phase to restore Axrahn's health to full. Cannot be interrupted.


The fight against Axrahn consists of two phases: a summoning phase for the first half of the battle, and a general phase that occurs during the second half.

Phase 1 (Summons)

In the center-left of the exile camp where Axrahn is, the tank should keep Axrahn facing to the left, while the healer and damage dealers are on the right, directly behind him. The tank should take care of interrupting Dagger Toss. The damage dealers should not focus on Axrahn, and instead wait for him to call in reinforcements that will swarm both sides.

The reinforcements are made up of Exile Spellflingers (dark priest that can deal high damage with Dark Bolt), Exile Earthmenders (healer that can use Sleep Powder) and Exile Crystalpryers (dps warrior that can interrupt spellcasters). The damage dealers should pull one or two exiles at a time from the right side, and work on defeating them as quickly as possible (using AoE skills is recommended). Similarly, if the tank has enough dps, they can begin pulling one or two exiles from the left side to take care of them, but gradually they'll come on their own instead of waiting there.

You have less than 2 minutes to take care of all of the exile reinforcements (attacking Axrahn is pointless during this phase, as the second phase heals him back to full health). Do not pull many of the exiles at once, or else they will overwhelm the group (recommended that the damage dealers stay close to Axrahn during the summoning phase so they don't pull all of the exiles on the right side). After two minutes have passed or all exile reinforcements have been defeated, the battle will transition over to the general phase.

Phase 2 (General)

In the general phase, Axrahn will first do two things: heal himself back to full health using a potion, and call a random off-screen Exile Spellflinger to fetch the Frostflower Lizard in order to assist him in battle (whereas in NM, the lizard appears during this time to aid you). Continue using the same set-up in the previous phase. As soon as the lizard and the exile spellflinger appears, immediately deal with the spellflinger (ignore attacking the lizard, as it has a lot of health and can heal over time).

Next, Axrahn will pounce at the lizard and knock over the box of crystals, causing the lizard to be distracted and bury the first one that's closest to it. The damage dealers should immediately search for the other crystals while the lizard is preoccupied and pick one up (tanks can also pick up spare crystals, as long as all of the damage dealers have picked them up). Carrying a crystal doubles the amount of damage you deal, but significantly reduces your healing power (which is why healers shouldn't pick them up).

After picking the crystals up, the lizard will constantly build stacks of Rising Anger over time, steadily increasing it's attack power. When the lizard is at 8 to 12 stacks of Rising Anger, one damage dealer should drop their crystal near the lizard. The lizard will attempt to bury any nearby crystal, causing their stacks to fall back to 0 (if the crystal is too far away, it won't go after it). To prevent confusion and accidentally dropping more crystals than needed, the group has to decide an order on which damage dealer to drop their crystals first (e.g. Player A > Player B > Player C).

At certain points of the battle, Axrahn will use Bladedance on a random player to cause Unbalancing Strikes on them. Axrahn is likely to follow up Bladedance with Pounce after a short while. The player that got hit with the debuff should keep their distance away from the group to prevent being 1-hit KO by Axrahn's Pounce, while the others should stack together to split the damage. If the player with the debuff gets chosen as the target of Pounce, they should safely stand away from the rest of the group to prevent other members from dying due to the increased damage.

Defeating Axrahn

Once Axrahn is defeated, you will automatically obtain the first keycard (this should appear as a UI button on the side of your screen, saying 1/2). If you're still carrying the crystal, the damage buff will last until you leave the Upper Fortifications to go into the next map.

The trophy Against the Odds requires you to defeat Axrahn Bladeclaw on Hard Mode.

Aaren Trueaim (Mini-boss)

Name Aaren Trueaim
Level 38
Classification Brute
Element Neutral 1
Health 51,500
Resistances Resistant to stun, freeze, sleep, and charm.

As you defeat Axrahn Bladeclaw, you'll obtain a key card that unlocks the gate to the right of his camp. Heading right takes you to the Crystal Crypt's Main Exile Camp, where you are greeted with a volley of arrows and introduced to a new type of exile; the Crystal Archers (hunters). The hunter acts differently from most monsters, distancing themselves and attacking at long range for powerful amounts of damage.

Aaren Trueaim can be found at the top-left corner of the Main Exile Camp as you go up. He is a mini-boss with a large amount of health that is also responsible for spawning the volley of arrows every minute you spend in the map (with his ability called Arrow Fall). This is similar to the Napalm Strike that occurs in the Moonlight Monastery's Garden, where it selects a spot where a player is standing on. He also has Arrow Shower, Arrow Barrage and Powerful Shot as his other abilities.

Divide and Conquer Challenge (Trophy)

The trophy Divide and Conquer requires you to defeat Aaren Trueaim and Stewie Sizzlepaw within 30 seconds of each other. Note that Stewie has more health than Aaren, and once the group starts a fight with Stewie, both sides are blocked off. There are two ways of tackling the problem, but the first method is recommended.

Method 1: Lower Aaren's health and lure him down to the area that Stewie is. Then, focus your efforts on defeating Stewie first, then re-focus your efforts on Aaren. However, the damage dealers have to watch out for any skills that might accidentally hit Aaren, and deal with Aaren's Arrow Fall ability.

Method 2: If you have a large group, you might be capable of splitting up your group (1-2 players to deal with Aaren, while the rest deal with Stewie). However, this causes those 1-2 players to be cut off from the battle, while Stewie's health is increased to match your group size (imagine fighting a 5-player battle with only 3 players). It is recommended that before you start this method, you clear the exiles (except Aaren) on the upper platform, so that those 1-2 players can jump down to assist in the fight against Stewie.

Stewie Sizzlepaw (Optional)

Name Stewie Sizzlepaw
Level 39
Classification Brute
Element Neutral 1
Health 147,000
Resistances Resistant to stun, freeze, sleep, and charm.

Stewie Sizzlepaw is the second and optional boss of the Crystal Crypt, located in the Main Exile Camp (instead of heading upwards to get to Aaren Trueaim, take the path on the second right as you head up). He originally appears as an NPC, but you can select the dialogue option "Your food stinks!" to cause him to become a boss (once you defeat Stewie, you'll have to redo the Crystal Crypt again to accept/turn in any quests from him).

Stewie's defending element is Neutral 1, making him vulnerable to Ghost (+25%), as well as weak to Light, Dark, and Poison (all +12.5%). A Mage can choose any element in the battle, but is recommended to choose either Fire or Water. Unlike most bosses, Stewie does not spawn any minions or reinforcements, allowing you to focus on dealing damage to Stewie as much as possible (unless you were dealing with Aaren for the trophy mentioned above).

There are no differences between Normal Mode and Hard Mode. However, Stewie is unique for his poison gimmick, where you need to eat bad and good food on the ground to reduce the damage from his Poisonous Fumes ability. This is a massive AoE attack that deals heavy poison damage over time, and fluctuates it's strength depending on the food you take.

The main abilities that Stewie will use are:

  • Precarious Concoction: An anti-lure ability. When Serve is about to be cast and no player is within the field where the boss fight takes place (marked with glowing white half-ring lines), Stewie hits all players with an attack that deals major poison damage, regardless of distance. Enough to wipe out ~80% of a damage dealer's health.
  • Serve: Starts using the ability at ~80% health, and usually occurs once every 25 seconds. Stewie spawns several plates of food on the ground. Good food is marked with a green aura, whereas bad food is marked with a purple aura surrounding it.
    • When eating good food, you receive one stack of the Delicious Meal buff that reduces your attack/casting delay (increases attack speed) by 12%, and removes one stack of Nauseous.
    • When eating bad food, you receive one stack of the Nauseous debuff that increases your poison damage taken by 50%, and one stack of the Poison Resistance debuff that decreases the poison damage you take by 50% for 40 seconds.
  • Tenderize: Similar to Frenzied Swipes, Stewie will randomly target a player, dealing weak damage and hitstun to them several times.
  • Poisonous Fumes: After a minute and 20 seconds or so, Stewie will unleash a deadly AoE that hits all players, dealing major poison damage. Damage is increased or reduced depending on the buffs/debuffs you receive from eating the food. After the attack ends, all players receive one stack of Nauseous.


The fight against Stewie is fairly simple, and requires you to understand just one gimmick that is happening on the field. You do not require a tank for this battle, no abilities need to be interrupted, and AoE spells can be used on Stewie without knocking him back. A typical fight will usually keep Stewie on the right side of the field, while the damage dealers and healer can be standing anywhere they please.

The Bad with the Good

As soon as food appears on the ground, double-click on the bad food first. This gives you two debuffs: Nauseous (+50% more poison damage taken), and Poison Resistance to reduce the poison damage you take by 50% in preparation for Poisonous Fumes (you can stack Poison Resistance multiple times, but it isn't recommended). With multiple party members, you'll need to ration the amount of food that is being taken on the field (there is usually more bad food on the field than good food).

Then, click on a good food next (this gets rid of one Nauseous stack). This will cause you to have the Poison Resistance debuff only (+50% poison resistance). The order of food to take is bad food, then good food (if you don't see a good food, wait for the next Serve).

Poisonous Fumes, and what to do next

Once the Poisonous Fumes come, it will deal major poison damage to all players depending on their Nauseous and Poison Resistance debuffs, and will always add one stack of Nauseous after the ability hits. You will need to make sure that your Nauseous debuff is at least one less than your Poison Resistance debuff by consuming good food to take off the Nauseous stack (e.g. Nauseous x0 + Poison Resistance x1, Nauseous x1 + Poison Resistance x2, Nauseous x2 + Poison Resistance x3, etc). The Poison Resistance debuff only lasts 40 seconds, meaning that if it expires, you need to take another bad food to regain back the debuff (this will add another stack of the Nauseous debuff).

Let us assume that there are two players, each with different scenarios occurring after the first Poisonous Fumes hit:

  • Player A with 1 stack of Nauseous and 1 stack of Poison Resistance (they now have 1 stack of Nauseous and 1 stack of Poison Resistance that didn't expire yet but Stewie spawned the food in time)
    • Solution: Player A only has to eat 1 bad food (+1 Poison Resistance, +1 Nauseous) and 1 good food (-1 Nauseous), ending up with 1 stack of Nauseous and 2 stacks of Poison Resistance.
  • Player B with 1 stack of Nauseous and 0 stacks of Poison Resistance (they let their Poison Resistance expire because Stewie didn't spawn the food in time).
    • Solution: Player B has to eat 1 bad food (+1 Poison Resistance, +1 Nauseous) and 2 good food (-2 Nauseous), ending up with 0 stacks of Nauseous and 1 stack of Poison Resistance.

Whichever scenario applied to you, stick with the solution above to fix your Poison Resistance and Nauseous stacks. This way, you can go back to taking 1 bad food and 1 good food just as before in time for the next Poisonous Fumes. It is recommended to wait a bit before taking the food, to buy yourself more time for refreshing the Poison Resistance debuff (don't wait too long or the food will disappear).

TL;DR: Bad, then good food, and always have more Poison Resistance stacks than Nauseous stacks. Repeat.

Possible Mistakes

  • Eating more than your share of bad and good food. Make sure that when you click, you aren't eating too much food at once. This is a bad idea, leaving yourself with more Nauseous stacks that won't protect you from Poisonous Fumes. That'll force you to eat more good food, which can prevent other allies from getting rid of their Nauseous stacks.
    • On the flip side, if you see other members of your group taking food, but not again on the next Serve, then you are allowed to pick up food.
  • Constantly taking food and not letting others get it. When in a large group, Stewie will only drop so much bad and good food on the field, causing the group to run out of food on just one round of Serve. Stewie will typically do about 2-3 Serves before Poisonous Fumes occurs, so be sure to let others get the resistance they need.

Myrthe Grimclaw & Kale Ironstrike

Name Myrthe Grimclaw
Level 39
Classification Brute
Element Dark 1
Health 91,630
Resistances Immune to stun, freeze, sleep. Resistant to charm. Extrasensory.

Myrthe Grimclaw and Kale Ironstrike both make up the third boss of the Crystal Crypt, located in the Main Exile Camp (head east from Stewie, then south-west until you reach another camp). Adventurers commonly refer to Myrthe as the mage of the two, whereas Kale is the warrior. Myrthe uses several dark spells in her arsenal, while Kale is similar to that of a tank, with powerful melee abilities.

Myrthe's defending element is Dark 1, Kale's defending element is Neutral 2. The dread spine that Myrthe spawns in the fight has a defending element of Water 1. The optimal elements to counter all three would be Wind (+5% against Dark 1, 0% against Neutral 2, and +25% against Water 1) and Light (+25% against Dark 1, +25% against Neutral 2, and 0% against Water 1), but Mages should stick to using either Fire or Water.

Name Kale Ironstrike
Level 40
Classification Brute
Element Neutral 2
Health 94,630
Resistances Immune to stun, freeze, sleep. Resistant to charm.

In NM, the main difference to the fight is that Myrthe will only spawn one Dread Spine instead of three in the middle of the field with a slightly weaker Ether Burst ability as the explosion. Defeating the Dread Spine will prevent Ether Burst from doing additional damage, but you still have to keep your distance away from the attack. Unlike the bosses prior to Crypt, the health of both bosses are not tied together, which means that the other is still alive when you defeat one.

The main abilities that Myrthe uses are:

  • Harvest Mana: N/A
  • Dark Bolt: Targets a member of your group, dealing some damage to them.
  • Dark Bolt Volley: Hits all members of your group, dealing moderate damage. Can be interrupted.
Name Dread Spine
Level 38
Classification Mechanical
Element Water 1
Health 6,365
Resistances Immune to stun, freeze, silence, taunt, sleep, and charm.
  • Dread Spine + Ether Burst: When Myrthe's health is at 50%, she will start using her signature combo attack at various times during the fight. In HM, she spawns three Dread Spines, whereas in NM, she spawns only one. After a while, Myrthe will use Ether Burst, damaging all players on the field for a large amount of damage, and causing any nearby spines to explode, dealing even more damage with the Ether Burns debuff.
  • Raise Undead: When Kale is defeated, but Myrthe is still alive, she will revive him in a ghostly form (you cannot select them as a target at all, making interrupts against them useless). This makes him invincible as long as Myrthe is still alive, vice versa. They still retain all of their abilities, including Dread Spine + Ether Burst, or Trounce depending on the one defeated first.

The main abilities that Kale uses are:

  • Swipe: Deals damage to all targets in front. Players usually call this "frontal", meaning that only the tank must engage the boss in front, while the others stay behind to avoid taking additional damage.
  • Charge: Only used to get close to their target. Kale may rush to a damage dealer if they pull their attention away from the tank, using this ability.
  • Smite: Kale may interrupt a nearby player's currently cast spell if they get too close to him, or pull their attention away from the tank. Often used in combination with Charge.
  • Trounce: When Kale's health is at 50%, he'll start using his signature attack at various times during the fight, which is similar to Pounce (doesn't one-hit KO the target, but does a lot of damage and stuns them for several seconds). He may go after damage dealers regardless of the tank using this ability. Can be interrupted.


General Set-up

The tank should have Kale facing away from the rest of the group (to the right), on the right side of the field. The damage dealers and healer should all be on the left side of the field, preferably close to Myrthe. The group should spend their time dealing with Myrthe first, before trying to get rid of Kale (if Kale is defeated first, he'll use Trounce on damage dealers in his ghost state with little chance of the tank grabbing aggro, knocking them out with ease).

The main strategy to deal with the two of them is to defeat Myrthe while keeping Kale's health slightly above 50%, so he doesn't use Trounce early on in the fight (makes the tank's job a bit easier). It is recommended (but not necessary) that a damage dealer interrupt Myrthe's Dark Bolt Volley each time it comes up if possible. Try to deal some damage to Kale as well, but be mindful that once Myrthe reaches 50% of her health, she will begin to use her Dread Spine & Ether Burst combo.

Dread Spines & Ether Burst

The first half of Myrthe's attack begins with the three Dread Spines on Hard mode (one on the left side, one in the center, and one in the right side of the field). Defeat the Dread Spines on the left and right sides first, and be sure to leave the one in the middle intact. If Myrthe is standing on the right side of the center spine, you want to keep the right spine alive, while destroying the ones in the middle and left spots. Generally speaking, if you were standing on the right side of the field and look left, you want Myrthe to be behind one spine (no more, no less).

After destroying the necessary spines, you want to quickly flee to the right side of the field, close to the gate. If you let the right spine survive instead, stand outside the gate to where the tank is (the tank should also move Kale outside the gate). Once Ether Burst is unleashed, the middle spine will explode and absorb most of the explosion, reducing the amount of damage taken by your group.

Focusing on Kale with Ghost Myrthe

After defeating Myrthe, the damage dealers should switch their attention to Kale. By now, Kale should be around 50% of their health or higher. He will start using Trounce, which the tank needs to interrupt with Smite. Myrthe will also revive herself as a ghost, do some pot shots at the group with Dark Bolt, and continue to use her Dread Spines & Ether Burst even in her current state. Follow the strategy shown above, and after a while, Kale should be defeated along with Myrthe.

After Defeating Myrthe and Kale

Once the two of them are defeated, you will automatically obtain the second keycard (this should appear as a UI button on the side of your screen, saying 2/2). This can be used to open the metal gate on the far-right side of the map (press the UI button while near the metal gate to open it).

The trophy Ephemeral Powers requires you to defeat Myrthe Grimclaw on Hard Mode.

Elder Patrizya

Name Elder Patrizya
Level 41+
Classification Brute
Element Neutral 2
Health 402,000
Resistances Immune to stun, freeze, silence, sleep and charm.

Elder Patrizya is the fourth and final boss of the Crystal Crypt, located in the Inner Santuary. The Inner Sanctuary can be accessed from the far-right side of the Main Exile Camp, after collecting two keycards from Axrahn as well as Myrthe & Kale. As you approach the right side of the sanctuary, a branch connects a platform in the center, with a Spellflinger controlling Patrizya, as well as two Crystalpryers, an Earthmender as backup. Once you defeat the exiles, one of them will quickly throw a bomb to destroy the branch. While Patrizya is freed, she is still hostile towards your group and the boss fight will begin.

Patrizya's defending element is Neutral 2, making it vulnerable to Ghost (+50%), as well as weak to Light, Dark, and Poison (all 25%). A Mage can choose any element they want for this battle, however Fire or Water is strongly recommended. Patrizya does not spawn any monsters themselves, except for the exiles that were controlling Patrizya in the beginning of the fight.

There are a few notable differences between Normal and Hard mode. In Hard mode, Patrizya spawns Irondust Boulders and uses the Magnetic Storm ability. Beginning at 50% health, Patrizya will begin using snowslides that deal heavy water damage on three parts of the platform: the left-most, center and right-most. At less than 20% of Patrizya's health, Patrizya will use Stomp three times to try and knock the entire group off the platform, each with a cast time of 1 second and a delay of ~3 seconds between each Stomp.

The main abilities that Elder Patrizya will use are:

  • Fury: N/A
  • Snap: This is Elder Patrizya's version of the Swipe attack that hits all targets in front. Players usually call this "frontal", meaning that only the tank must engage the boss in front, while the others stay behind to avoid taking additional damage.
  • Icicle Arrow: Similar to Frost Blast, deals weak water damage to a random player.
  • Frost Volley: Hits every player with frost bolts, dealing weak water damage and slowing their attack/movement speeds by 5% for seven seconds.
  • Roar: Causes icicles to fall down around the map on the player's positions, dealing moderate or major damage if successful.
  • Frost Breath: Deals heavy water damage to all players in front of her, with a chance to freeze. Can be interrupted, but Patrizya will gradually resist smites and disrupts the more it is used over time.
  • Charge: Patrizya rushes at all players in front of her, sending them flying off the ledge, falling to their doom. Indicated by a orange rectangular box that stretches out horizontally.
  • Stomp: Deals moderate damage to all players, knocking them back by a few metres regardless of proximity. If a player is close to the left or right end side of the platform, and Patrizya uses Stomp, they will fall off the ledge. Used roughly once every minute and 30 seconds.
  • Arcane Lance: Summons a magical spear that is suspended in air for almost 10 seconds, before eventually striking the platform. If players do not stack on the Arcane Lance, the platform will take full damage. If the platform takes too much damage, parts of it will collapse until eventually it automatically ends the battle in defeat (players will likely fall to their doom).
  • Magnetic Storm: Two-part attack that only occurs in Hard mode. During one point in the fight, she'll summon three Irondust Blast Boulders on the field (each boulder has 11,150 health, with a defending element of Water 1). After a while, she pulls all players toward her, dealing a moderate or large amount of damage in the explosion (damage is increased when at least one or more boulders are still alive).

Strategy (HM)

General Set-up

   R O > T


The text diagram above shows a rough layout of the map's terrain. The > in this diagram indicates the position of Elder Patrizya (facing to the right), while T represents the position of the tank. O represents the position of all other players (damage dealers and healer), and R represents the location of the rune.

The tank should have Elder Patrizya facing away from the rest of the group (to the right), in the center of the platform. The damage dealers and healer should be slightly to the left of Patrizya, but still close to the center of the platform as well. There is a rune to the left side of the platform that allows group members to be revived if they fell off the platform (you can combine Divine Clarity with the rune's activation to automatically revive players).

The two minor abilities that you have to watch out for is Roar and Stomp. Keep moving around the center of the platform to avoid receiving most of the damage once Roar occurs. Stomp can catch players off-guard if they are standing near one of the edges, making them fall off if they're not careful (which is why players should stick close to the center of the platform).

The two major abilities that you have to watch out for is Frost Breath and Charge. The tank should smite Frost Breath (if Elder Patrizya resists the smite/disrupt, use Endurance to lower the damage taken instead). Patrizya will usually Charge to the left, where the rest of the players are, forcing the group to quickly run to the right side in order to avoid the attack (if she catches you, you'll fall to your doom and require a teammate to revive you using the rune).

Snowslides and Magnetic Storm

At 50% of her health, Patrizya will begin using her ultimate attack, as well as one new frequent gimmick to watch out for on the field. These are three Irondust Blast Boulders, Magnetic Storm, and snowslides that occur in three fixed sections of the platform (imagine chopping the platform into five equal parts). The snowslides will always occur on the left, center and right sides, leaving you with the center-left and center-right to dodge the attack (or get hit for a major amount of damage).

The first part of the attack causes three Irondust Blast Boulders to spawn on the field, increasing the damage of Magnetic Storm for each one. Somewhat similar to the Dread Spines when facing Myrthe (except this time you're defeating all of them instead of saving one), you'll have to eliminate all three of them as quickly as possible. The tank should deal with the right boulder, while the damage dealers of the group work on the left and center boulders.

The second part of the attack occurs roughly a minute and 15 seconds later, causing Patrizya to pull all players toward her and deal a large amount of wind damage. The healer should use Healing Springs or Song of Harmony depending on the amount of damage sustained to your group by this attack. Afterwards, Patrizya will continue to use her usual abilities (including the snowslides).

Arcane Lance and Three Stomps

At around 20~25% of her health, Patrizya will begin using Arcane Lance. If it is summoned on the left or center side of the field, the damage dealers and healer will have to stack on the location where it'll drop, to reduce the amount of damage sustained to the platform. If it is summoned to the right side of the field, the tank can stack by themselves, additionally causing the spear to deal damage to Patrizya herself.

Following Arcane Lance, the entire group should immediately go to the center of the map in preparation for Patrizya's Stomps. She will attempt to Stomp three times (each with a delay of ~3 seconds in between), knocking players to the edges of the platform. The group has to keep running to the center of the platform in order to avoid falling to their doom. Follow the strategies above as needed, until Patrizya is defeated.

A first time clear of the dungeon will award you the trophy The Crystal Crypt.

Defeating Patrizya on Hard Mode while scaled to the dungeon's level will award you the trophy Like Clockwork.

The trophy Retributive Justice requires you to defeat an Exile Earthmender using the Arcane Lance summoned by Patrizya. At the beginning of the fight, you'll have to keep the Earthmender alive while you defeat the rest of the exiles. Be careful when you use your AoEs, as it might accidentally kill the Earthmender. Carefully lower the Earthmender's health (for insurance), then lower Patrizya down to about 20~25% in order for her to use Arcane Lance. Once the lance shows up, lure the Earthmender into the spot where the lance will strike and use FF/NF to keep them in place (don't stack with the Earthmender).

Notable Drops List

Each drop below may be associated for a specific class, and is marked as such. Drops not associated with a single class are not marked.

P represents Priest, W represents Warriors, M represents Mages and H represents Hunters. Pet represents items that would obtain you a pet (either by directly using the item, using the item on a desired monster, or using the item on an existing pet to permanently change it into another pet). Maw refers to a equipment that is worn in your character's maw (usually cosmetic with no to little stats). Enchant refers to a spirit bottle or powder that is added onto your equipment to grant bonus effects (bottles dropped from bosses are extremely valuable, offering strong bonuses).



Axrahn Bladeclaw

Stewie Sizzlepaw

Myrthe Grimclaw and Kale Ironstrike

Elder Patrizya


  • The bind time to this dungeon is 1 day and 20 hours (44 hours).
  • The dungeon level scale range is between 34 to 39 (34 lowest, 35 lower, 36 low). Completing a dungeon at it's low level gives you a single additional chest, while lower gives an additional chest for each member of your group, and lowest gives an additional chest that is rolled for.
  • Defeating enemies in the Crystal Crypt has a low chance to drop the Crystalline Egg, which allows you to get the Nightglow Lizard as a pet.