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Chatting lets you communicate with other players. There are several types on chat, which differ in who can see it.

Regular Chat (/s)

Regular public chat is heard by other players in a 13 meter radius around you. To use regular chat, simply type what you want your character to say into the chatbox on the bottom of the screen, and hit enter. If you are in a different chat mode, you can start your message with "/s ", to speak in public chat instead. To always talk in regular chat, just make sure the "Send To" field on the right is empty.

  • Note that 13 meters are larger than your screen, so what you say in public chat might still be picked up by someone not on your screen. In addition, some classes have spells that hide them from sight (a mage's invisibility, or a hunter's camouflage), so if you want something to remain private, use whispers, or create a group with the players you are talking with.

Yells (/y)

Yelling is shown in a distinct, orange colour, and is seen by any other player in the same map as you. To yell, you have to start your message with "/y ".

  • In dungeon instances, yelling covers all maps in the entire dungeon.
  • Moderators may use yells in PvP battlegrounds in case anything important occurs that everyone needs to know. These yells are then seen by both teams.

Whispers (/w playername)

Whispering a player sends a private message to just them, regardless of what map or dungeon they are in. To whisper someone, start your message with "/w ", followed by the player's name. However, this command only works if the player you whisper to has no spaces in their name. Alternatively - which always works - simply write their name in the "Send To" field on the right of your chatbox, or click their name in the chat, and select "Whisper".

Group/Party Chat (/p)

Group chat (also called Party Chat) is seen by everyone in the same group as you, regardless of where they are. To talk in group chat, start your message with "/p ", or type "#party" in the "Send To" field on the right of your chatbox.

  • Note that you need to be in a group for this command to work. To group up with another player, hold down your "Control" key, click their character, and then select "Invite to Group". Alternatively, you can type "/invite their-name" for the same effect.

Guild Chat (/g)

Guild chat lets you talk to your guild, and is seen by everyone who is currently online in your guild, regardless of where they are. To use guild chat, start your message with "/g ", or type "#guild" in the "Send To" field on the right of your chatbox.

  • Note that you need to be in a guild for this command to work.
  • Guild masters have the option to restrict speaking in #guild chat to certain ranks, in which case you have to be at least that rank in order to use guild chat.

Alliance Chat

Alliance chat is similar to guild chat, except that it also reaches any guilds that your guild may be allied with. To talk in alliance chat, type "#allies" in the "Send To" field on the right of your chatbox.

  • Alliances can be formed by the guild master, as well as ranks with an appropriate permission.

Zone Chat

Zone chat talks to everyone in the same zone as you. Fields east and west of villages and other important sites are generally separate zones. Dungeons are also separate zones. Speaking in zone chat also reaches other groups running the same dungeon as you do, even if they are not in the same instance. To speak in zone chat, type "#zone" in the "Send To" field on the right of your chatbox.

Custom Chat Channels

Groups of players can request a custom chat channel for them and their friends, using support tickets. These chats can be set to be open or invite only. To join such a channel, type "/join channelname", replacing "channelname" with the name of the channel. To talk in that channel, type "#channelname" in the "Send To" field on the right of your chatbox, again replacing "channelname" with the name of the channel.

Privacy in Chat

The type of chat you use determines who will see your message. On some types of chat you have control over who will see it, on others you don't.

Chats you have control over:

  • Whispers: only the player you whisper will see it.
  • Party/Group Chat (if you are the group leader): as long as you do not invite anyone else, only players currently in the group will see your message. Note that if someone else is leading the group, they may invite someone while you type your message.

Limited control:

  • Guild Chat can be set similar to group chat, but that is not its primary purpose. Custom Chat Channels may or may not have tightly controlled access. Unless you manage a guild or a custom chat channel, you have limited control over who will actually see your message.

Chats you have no control over:

  • Zone chat: anyone in the zone can see it.
  • Yells and public chat: anyone around you can see it.
  • Alliance chats: unless you control the allied guilds, you have no control over what happens in the other guilds.

Note that higher ranking staff has access to a chat log, if needed. Staff does not proactively look through the chat log, however if one player reports another, they may have to look at what was said to validate (or dismiss) the report.