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Abilities and spells deal damage, reducing the health points of the affected character by however much damage was dealt. If a characters' health points are reduced to zero, they are knocked out.

Simply touching a monster does not hurt you: Characters have to specifically use attacks or spells in order to deal damage. Of course, standing right next to a hostile monster will likely cause it to take a swing at you before too long.

Damage is shown as a number above the character that received it. There are several different types of numbers you can see:

  • White: Damage dealt to targets that are hostile to you (such as monsters) is shown in white.
  • Red: Damage dealt to yourself, or to targets friendly to you is shown in red.
  • Green: If you recover health by an ability (such as a Priest's Heal), the amount you recovered is shown in green.
  • Blue: If you recover mana by an ability (such as a Mage's Harvest Mana), the amount you recovered is shown in blue.
Commonly seen damage numbers.

Special outcomes are shown as a floating text on the targeted characters as well:

  • Critical Strikes are shown with an "explosion" like backdrop on the damage number, as shown in the screenshot to the right.
  • Misses are shown as "miss".
  • If a character a resistant against the attack you used, or your attack is otherwise ineffective, the damage number is smaller, and greyed out.
  • If a character is completely immune against a type of attack you are using, you see "immune" instead of a damage number.
  • If your attack is reflected back to you by a spell or ability, "Reflect!" is shown on the target.