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Enchanting is a mechanic in the game that allows you to enhance your armor, giving you additional stats, effects and skills (not found within your skillbook). Unlike refining, enchanting has a guaranteed chance to succeed. You can combine refinement and enchantments to create effective pieces of equipment. Be warned, once you enchant an equipment, you can't replace it with anything else. You have to disenchant for a huge fee, or reobtain the same equipment again.

Most of your equipment is enchanted through the use of spirit bottles. Neck equipment can either be enchanted with powders or spirit bottles. Earrings can only be enchanted with gems. Tails can only be enchanted with silk/thread. Bags can only be enchanted with pockets/pouches. Tabards, Bows and Arrows cannot be enchanted.

Enchanting Options

Many of these options can be found in the Item Database, such as what monster drops them, or what NPC sells them.

Powders can be bought at the rest stop shop between the Caves of Mirage and Tunnels of Illusion, while argans (jadrit), tar sproutlings (beryl) and nightswarmer bats (zyrite) are likely to drop ore, and exchanged at Yvi's tent. With a certain amount of reputation, you can buy thread/silk at specific NPC shops in Ashaya Village/Argan Village/Blackwood Caverns. Trader shops are more likely to sell pockets used for enchanting bags.

Neck (1 enchant)

  • Dust-Repellent Powder (primarily earth, then ghost resistance)
  • Heat-Resistant Powder (primarily fire, then ghost resistance)
  • Insulating Powder (primarily wind, then ghost resistance)
  • Shadowy Powder (primarily dark, then ghost resistance)
  • Sparkling Powder (primarily light, then ghost resistance)
  • Water Repellent Powder (primarily water, then ghost resistance)

Earrings (2 enchants; one for each ear)

  • Type: Jadrit (intellect) / Beryl (strength) / Zyrite (dexterity)
  • Quality: Shard (+2 of that stat for 10 ore) / Stone (+5 of that stat for 20 ore) / Gem (+10 of that stat for 40 ore)

Tails (1 enchant)

  • Ashaya Village (Andy's shop): Enchanted Manathread and Reinforced Emeraldthread
  • Argan Village (Karo's enchant shop): Accurate Midnight Silk, Precise Midnight Silk, Sharp Midnight Silk, Spiritual Midnight Silk, and Toughened Midnight Silk
  • Blackwood Caverns (Dave's shop): Blessed Crystallised Silk, Charged Crystallised Silk, Precise Crystallised Silk, Tempered Crystallised Silk, and Jagged Crystalline Silk

Bags (up to 2 pockets)

  • Cloth Pocket (Andy's shop)
  • Leather Pocket (Yvi's tent shop)
  • Glittering Pocket (Christmas event exclusive, only given for putting up a tree and doing secret santa)
  • Cosmic Pocket (Cosmo's secret shop)

Other Equipment through Spirit Bottles

  • Gloves (2 enchants; one for each paw), Anklets (2 enchants; one for each paw), Neck (1 enchant; powder or spirit bottle, you decide), Head (1 enchant), and Hair (1 enchant)
  • A list of spirit bottles can be found at this thread.

Removing Enchants

You can remove pockets from a bag for 5 gold each through Richard's shop in Ashaya Village.

To remove any other enchant, you have only two options at Cosmo's secret shop in Upper Blackwood Wilderness.

  • Destroy equipment but keep the spirit bottle: 1,500 gold
  • Keep both the equipment and the bottle: 1,700 gold