NPC: Karo

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"Hi, my name's Karolyn, but you can call me Karo! Nice to meet you! I have practised enchanting scrolls ever since I was little. It takes a lot of studying, and I am still learning - still, it's well worth the effort."
Karo the village enchanter, on the right.

Karo is an enchanter spirit in Argan Village. After the village has been restored, she sells various tail enchantments and charms, and also offers skills and stat resets.

Basic NPC Services

  • Shops
  • Stat Reset
  • Skill Reset


Item Price
Enchanted Manathread 14 gold, 17 silver
Reinforced Emeraldthread 14 gold, 17 silver
Precise Midnight Silk 16 gold, 20 silver
Sharp Midnight Silk 16 gold, 20 silver
Spiritual Midnight Silk 16 gold, 20 silver
Accurate Midnight Silk 16 gold, 20 silver
Toughened Midnight Silk 16 gold, 20 silver
Token of Bravery 2 Silver Leaf
Token of Heroism 2 Silver Leaf
Charm of Nurturing Rain 7 Silver Leaf
Charm of Thunder 7 Silver Leaf
Charm of Rejuvenation 7 Silver Leaf
Charm of Energy 7 Silver Leaf
Charm of Spell Reflect 7 Silver Leaf
Charm of Quick Harvest 7 Silver Leaf
Charm of Mana 7 Silver Leaf
Charm of Fleetfoot 7 Silver Leaf

Quests Involved In

  • Impudence Shan't Triumph


  • You need to complete several quests for Karo, before she will offer any of her services. Specifically, this involves the following quests:
    • Unwanted Guests
    • Digging Deep
    • Rapid Delivery
    • Knock on Wood
    • Impudence Shan't Triumph (after this quest, Karo will be available for enchants and resets).
  • If adventurers have a Ashaya Dungeon Warp Scroll in their inventory, Karo will offer to practice an enchant on it for free. This will add Argan Village to your list of destinations on the warp scroll, allowing you to return to it at any time.
    • In order to obtain the Ashaya Dungeon Warp Scroll, you will need the Saliko Warp Scroll from Alyshia's shop in Saliko Village for 45 Tokens of Bravery. Next, you'll need the Ashaya Plains Essence from Benjamin's shop in Ashaya Village for 15 Tokens of Heroism (earned primarily from defeating bosses in Battle for Ashaya or exchanging Silver Leaves from Karo's shop). Use the Ashaya Plains Essence on the Saliko Warp scroll to turn it into the Ashaya Dungeon Warp Scroll.