The Forlorn Manor

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The Forlorn Manor is a dungeon located in the West Snow Plains of Elyssia, right across from Frigus' Lair. Being a spooky haunted house, several monsters have settled into the home, including Shoos, Shooeys, Spiderlings, Vile Sprites as well as water spirits. Like Frigus' Lair, it is also rather a quick dungeon to clear, with only three rooms before eventually reaching the boss.

It is unlocked via Rina and Ronn's quest line, involving defeating Frigus and securing a key from his treasure chest at the end of the dungeon. To start this quest line, you must first rescue Rina, located on a branch of the large tree in the Snow Pit.

The recommended level for The Forlorn Manor is 22, and adventurers above level 23 will be scaled down to that level for the dungeon.

There is only one mode of difficulty for Casper while facing him as part of a dungeon. But later on as a trial, the fight with Casper will be a lot harder, involving new gimmicks and attack patterns. On the flip side, you won't need to clear through the rooms again.


Name Casper
Level 23
Classification Demon
Element Ghost 2
Health 39,000
Resistances Immune to stun, freeze, silence, sleep, charm. Extrasensory.


Casper is a boss that uses different gimmicks at each stage of his health, while having no berserk timers to limit the duration of the fight. Although he does not have an indicator on his health bar to determine when his attacks will come, his dialogue can determine what kind of attack he does next.


Casper yells: Visitors? What a .. pleasant surprise ..

- Spells that Casper will use:

  • Fire Bolt (level 3)

Casper begins the fight without doing much. The tank should use this opportunity to grab aggro from Casper. In addition, he summons a Shoo, which is followed up with Shooeys. Get rid of the Shoo quickly, as it will automatically take out the Shooeys with it.

Summoning Phase

Casper yells: You are not alone in this manor. Why don't you meet a few of our residents, who have made it .. their home?

- Spells that Casper will use:

  • Summon Minions

At around 80% of Casper's health, he will go into hiding. At this time, he disappears from the screen and is invulnerable to any attacks, including AoE spells. For a while, Casper will randomly call Vile Sprites, Shooeys and/or Shoos to the room that come from both sides. Defeating the monsters will cause him to reappear again.


- Spells that Casper will use:

  • Fire Bolt (level 3)
  • Summon Minions
  • Curse of Slowness (level 5)
  • Armageddon: This spell causes several orbs to swirl around, randomly crashing into the ground and dealing damage to players, having a chance to land all on the same spot, dealing heavy damage nearby players depending on their position. A Tank should be responsible for Smiting the spell every time it comes up.
  • Meteor Rain: This spell causes a meteor to drop every few seconds around the targeted area, stunning targets hit and inflicting massive amounts of damage. This AoE spell is occasionally used after Armageddon, so have a Mage use Disrupt Magic in order to interrupt it, or a DPS Warrior in your group to Smite it.

After Casper's summoning phase, he will start using more of his spells, such as Armageddon and Meteor Rain. Like at the beginning of the fight, he will randomly summon a Shoo and Shooeys to assist him. Get rid of the monsters quickly using AoE spells such as Swipe, Poison Dust and Fire Wall.


Casper yells: This manor will be your tomb! followed by Casper prepares to summon a blazing meteor!

This occurs when Casper is down to less than 50% of his health.

In addition to the attacks and spells Casper uses during the middle of the fight, he will prepare to summon his final attack after several seconds of the dialogue. This is when the battle starts to become limited in terms of time. Depending on where the tank stands, the blazing meteor will be cast at that location, starting a fire that slowly expands to the entire map. At this point, the tank should hurry to one end of the room before the meteor is cast, then quickly running to the other side of the room where it is safe (after the meteor is cast). This is so that the fire to has to travel a longer distance (thus giving you more time to fight Casper).


A first time clear of the dungeon will reward you with the trophy "The Forlorn Manor".

Pacifist and Fire Proof are needed as part of the requirements for earning the Snow Plains Dungeon Master trophy.


In order to earn the trophy, you must first acquire Potions of Redemption from either Rina's repeatable quest "Beyond Redemption" or through Rina's shop. You will need at least three Potions of Redemption, which will cost you 12 Deathblooms. The Deathblooms can be found on the poisonous floor in The Broken Hallway (left of where Rina and Ronn are at). Note that these potions may be difficult to obtain without a healer (since the damage taken multiplies the longer you stay on the platform), and are fully tradeable (if your guild possesses some Potions of Redemption in their guild bank, feel free to ask them). It is a lot easier to obtain these potions when unscaled.

After obtaining your potions, return to fight Casper as per the usual. Then, use a potion on each of the three monsters during the fight: a Shoo, a Shooey and a Vile Sprite. Once each of these three have been redeemed, defeat Casper to earn the Pacifist trophy. You will obtain your very own Shooey as a pet.

There are also a couple of things to note:

  • Make sure that your group survives the fight (if your entire group wipes before Casper is defeated, and you used the potion, it will be wasted!).
  • There is no specific order in which you have to use the potions; as long as you get them all, the trophy will be earned.
  • You can tell if a monster has been successfully redeemed if they possess a shield around them after using the potion.
  • Vile Sprites can only spawn during Casper's summoning phase. If you miss this opportunity, you'll have to face Casper again.

Fire Proof

In order to earn Fire Proof, you need to defeat Casper while having less than 4-5 fire resistance on your character (note that magic resistance/magic armor also counts as fire resistance, so be sure to double-check your stat window!). As long as none of your equipment and enchants have magic armor/resistance on it except for your bag, you should be fine for unlocking this trophy.

Be careful not to use any buff skills or items that would give you fire resistance by accident. Eating a Frozen Cupcake from a Frozen Picnic Basket, a Mage's Rune of Warding, a Priest's Elemental Ward and a Warrior's Endurance all temporarily give fire resistance, so be careful not to fall into that trap. To remove any of these buffs if you applied them on your character by accident, simply click on the buff icon on the top-left of your screen, then press Cancel Status to get rid of it.