The Forlorn Manor (Hard)

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Haunted by ghosts for as long as anyone can remember, the Forlorn Manor has been avoided by anyone that values their life. As an adventurer fearless enough to brave the vile spirits, it is up to you to put an end to their nefarious reign.

The Forlorn Manor is a trial that takes place in Bramble's imagination of The Forlorn Manor during the quest A Spirited Performance in Timeless Waters. You cannot manually queue for the trial through an NPC; only through Battlegrounds (Game > Community tab > Battle). To unlock the trial, you must complete Bramble's mini quest-line, starting from Fiery Surprises and Writer's Block, until you get to A Spirited Performance.

The recommended level is 3x-3x, and adventurers above level 3x will be scaled down to that level for the trial. A minimum of 3 or more players is required. A typical group set-up will consist of one healer, one tank and one or more damage dealers.