The Silt Cave

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The Slit Cave is a large salt cave where Rochiear (an enormous rock turtle) resides, located east of the Temple of Trials and the western region of the Lower Wilderness. It is not a dungeon - rather an instanced map where you can fight Rochiear several times in a single day. It not only tests your skills, but allows you to collect Large Rocks, which is commonly used in furniture crafting.

The recommended level is 35, however you can fight him as a group (up to 5 players), allowing for a level range between 32 and 35. Adventurers above level 35 will be scaled down automatically to level 35. Facing him as a group increases his health pool and difficulty, while on solo he is weaker (due to the Restrained debuff), and you are given a special accommodation for healing depending on your class.



Name Rochiear
Level 36+
Classification Brute
Element Earth 1
Health 80,000
Resistances Immune to stun, freeze, silence, sleep, charm.

Rochiear is a boss that takes advantage of their weight in order to lay waste to their foes, especially when fighting under a limited amount of space (a single straight platform). The cave is specially designed to cause a stalactite (a rock pillar, or large rock in-game) to fall down every time Rochiear stomps. In addition, Rochiear's charge makes for a deadly combo, causing an instant one hit KO if successful. You want to be careful and plan your positions before engaging it in a fight. Rochiear is also Earth 1, meaning either Fire, Water, Light or Poison attacks are effective against it.

Rochiear's attack pattern consists of:

  • Earth Spike (level 3)
  • Stomp (level 2 and level 8): Stomp is Rochiear's most commonly used attack. Rochiear begins using it once he has taken some damage (down to about 70,000 for a solo fight). Stomp hits everyone around Rochiear, and causes a rock stalactite to fall down directly on where each player is standing. Rock stalactites cannot be damaged by Rochiear's Stomp unless Rochiear is directly standing on top of it. Any rock stalactites stacked on top of it are also damaged.
  • Wild Charge: During some time in the fight, Rochiear will to rush to one end of the room, destroying every rock stalactite and knocking out any player in sight. However, it has a long wind-up time and can only be used in one direction (most likely in the direction he is facing towards you). This ability is at it's deadliest when Rochiear uses it at while standing at either edge of the room (leaving you with no space to go behind). To dodge it, you simply stand on a stalactite, or run behind Rochiear.

General Strategy - Solo Play

When facing Rochiear for the first time, it might be better to practice fighting against it before fighting in a group. The reason is because you need to learn how to position yourself during the fight, or else you become lost while trying to follow your teammates.

In solo play, there are two things that are different from facing Rochiear as group. The first thing is that you're the tank of the fight, meaning that Rochiear will always go after you, not someone else. The other is a benefit, allowing you to survive the fight without being deprived of a dedicated healer.

Marsela Fruit


During the fight, a Marsela Fruit appears randomly on the field. When interacted on, it will consume the plant, giving you a healing buff similar to that of a Revitalize that lasts for 30 seconds (healing 275 HP every 3 seconds).

The time it takes for a Marsela Fruit to respawn on the field is dependent on your class. A Warrior will have the fastest respawn time, while a Mage/Hunter will have an average respawn time. Priests will have the slowest respawn time out of any class (because they can learn healing skills).

Typical Setup

To start off the fight, you'll have to deal with Rochiear's Stomp. Once the stalactite drops down, move yourself and Rochiear so that the stalactite is directly behind it. Make sure that Rochiear stays relatively close to the center while attacking it, to give yourself enough room to prepare for it's next attack. You do not need to go behind Rochiear again when it uses Stomp after having at least one stalactite behind him (only have the stalactite drop from behind Rochiear if there isn't any there in the first place). Continue to dodge the next set of stalactites by simply backing up a bit.

Once you knock Rochiear's health down quite a fair bit, it will begin using Wild Charge. Dodge this by going behind Rochiear as it winds up for their attack, then return to centering it, finally making it face the same direction as you. If your health is starting to come down to near half, grab the Marcela Fruit quickly, and return back to the spot you were before.

At close to half of Rochiear's health, it will begin using two Wild Charges instead of one. This time, you cannot avoid the charge by simply going behind (It rushes to the edge of the room, then immediately turns around and winds up for another charge). This is where the stalactite comes in handy. At the second Wild Charge, you should quickly jump on top of the stalactite that you've been keeping behind Rochiear, in order to avoid the attack. After surviving the attack, the first thing you want to do is to have another stalactite drop from behind Rochiear.

In addition, you will have to deal with rock spirits during the later half of the fight. These spirits will go after any and every stalactite on the field first, before attacking a player. You have to make sure that these spirits do not take out your stalactite, or else you cannot avoid Rochiear's double Wild Charge combo.

General Strategy - Group Play

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  • Stalactites are treated as neutral monsters. This means that they can be destroyed by a player's AoE attack.
  • Rock stalactites can be used as a platform. They can also be stacked on top of each other (have someone stand on top of an existing stalactite, and wait for another to drop down).
  • Having pets out can cause an additional stalactite to fall down.
  • Rochiear respawns once every 30 to 40 minutes (after leaving the map).


Follow My Lead

In order to obtain this trophy, you need at least a group of four players, then defeating Rochiear.

An Explorer Worth Their Salt

In order to obtain this trophy, a group is recommended. The salt is located on the upper-left platform of the cave, and cannot be accessed by normal means. It can only be reached by stacking stalactites together constantly until you are able to reach the top platform.

The tank should stay at the bottom of the map, dealing with Rochiear while any other members of your group make their way upwards. The trick is to not deal a lot of damage to Rochiear, to prevent him from being able to use Wild Charge (a single charge can take out several stalactites, ruining the plan). The healer should stay on the lower stalactites in order to keep the tank alive, while healing the rest of the team as they make their way up.