NPC: Eko

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"Hi, I'm Eko! I'm the one crafting all the tepees, building ourselves armour and shelter. Can I help you somehow?"

Eko is an artisan spirit in Argan Village. After the village has been restored, she manages the reconstruction efforts of the village and offers armour repair services. In addition, she sells a variety of armour.

Basic NPC Services


Item Price
Shed Bark 27 silver
Orchid Leather Cap 2 Silver Leaf
Banana Hat 7 Silver Leaf
Large Book 7 Silver Leaf
Manabloom Headband 7 Silver Leaf
Hibiscus Headband 7 Silver Leaf
Golden Bell 7 Silver Leaf
Woolen Kilt 10 Silver Leaf

Quests Involved In


  • Wanted! Chieftain of the Cultist Tribe



  • If you can find a Geo Stone from one of the Old Silver-Plated Chests in the Cavern of Illusions/Tunnels of Mirage, Eko will offer the Forgotten Legacies quest. Completing this quest will give you the Geo's Blade (earth glove for Warriors).