Argan Village

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Argan Village,where plants try to sell you plants.
"Fully" Restored Argan Village

Argan Village, a small town that you, along with the Forest Spirits, help rebuild.

Argan Village lies deep in the western jungle of Midnight Mountain. It is connected nearby to the Argan River south of there and the Twigmoss Burrows, which lies a bit to the east. It houses a lonely resident living there with an affinity to spiders.

The first time that you visit Argan Village, it is overrun with monsters. In order to save what's left of the village, you must save a nearby forest spirit that is being attacked by several snakes. This is the first step in repairing the groups of spirits that have been severed from the village after they fled. Finally, once they make their return to the village, they will ask for your assistance in acquiring materials and dealing with the current threats posed to the village. As you gain reputation with the Forest Spirits, more and more services will be unlocked.

Once you have completed each of the daily quests (at least once) that Roc assigns to you, dealing with the quest line in Argan River II and accumulated enough reputation, an Argan Spirit will appear. Talking to it will take you to the Southern Seas.

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