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"Alchemy has always fascinated me. I have been making potions and enhancing them with the herbs of Argan Jungle for as long as I can remember. If I can help you with anything, just let me know!"

Roc is an alchemist in Argan Village, and the first spirit you encounter in Argan Jungle. Roc serves as the de facto leader of Argan Village.

Basic NPC Services


Item Price
Empty Bottle 9 silver
Empty Enchanted Vial 45 silver
Empty Runed Vial 59 silver
Argan Jungle Spices 81 silver
Recipe: Greater Healing Potion 2 gold, 30 silver
Recipe: Potion of Fury 2 gold, 25 silver
Recipe: Greater Mana Potion 2 gold, 48 silver
Recipe: Apple-Cherry Pie 9 gold
Recipe: Rice Stirfry 9 gold
Recipe: Mint Tea 9 gold
Recipe: Cinnamon Apple Cookies 9 gold
Empty Crystal Vial 3 Enchanted Crystal Splinter
Recipe: Major Poison Resist Potion 5 Silver Leaf
Recipe: Invisibility Potion 5 Silver Leaf
Recipe: Elixir of Stamina 5 Silver Leaf
Recipe: Elixir of Wisdom 5 Silver Leaf
Recipe: Elixir of Spells 5 Silver Leaf
Recipe: Elixir of Precision 5 Silver Leaf
Recipe: Elixir of Armour 5 Silver Leaf
Recipe: Elixir of Nature Resistance 5 Silver Leaf
Recipe: Elixir of Agility 5 Silver Leaf
Recipe: Elixir of Strength 5 Silver Leaf
Recipe: Greater Spiritual Herbs 5 Silver Leaf
Recipe: Major Mana Potion 5 Silver Leaf
Recipe: Major Healing Potion 5 Silver Leaf
Recipe: Glacial Coating 5 Silver Leaf
Recipe: Ember Coating 5 Silver Leaf
Colours of Argan Jungle 15 Silver Leaf

Secret Shop

Item Price
Stone of Fierce Fire 5 Silver Leaf
Stone of Brilliant Light 5 Silver Leaf
Stone of Lush Leaves 5 Silver Leaf
Stone of Calming Waters 5 Silver Leaf
Stone of Argans 5 Silver Leaf
  • Prices in-game may be higher than the values recorded here. This is due to Revered status providing a 10% discount (close to max reputation).

Quests Involved In


Randomly gives one of 4 quests daily:

  • Knock, Knock on Wood
  • River Rescue
  • River Treasures
  • Mix and Match


Rescuing the Spirits & Saving Argan Village quest line (as Argan Spirit Creature NPC)

  • A Close Call
  • Roots of all Trouble
  • Midnight Moondust
  • A New Plan
  • Little Tricks
  • Milking Poison
  • Take Two
  • Small Steps

Part of Rescuing the Spirits & Twigmoss Burrow quest line

  • Casualties
  • Rapid Delivery
  • Knock on Wood

Moonlight Monastery quest line

  • A Diplomatic Mission of Sorts
  • Harbinger of Bad News
  • Spirits to the Aid
  • Bad Vibres
  • Terechia
  • A Powerful Enemy

Part of Repairing the S.S. Argan/Southern Seas quest line

  • A Glimmering Shell

Part of Cultist Prison quest line

  • Cryptic Clues
  • Tribal Troubles

Bat Rider Camp quest line

  • Secret Attack Plans
  • Preemptive Strike

Part of Elly's Potion for Argan Village quest line

  • Ancient Cures
  • Ancient Cures II
  • Delivery for Argan Village


Exchange Large Hibiscus for Riverpetal Hibiscus item

  • The Riverpetal Hibiscus (repeatable)

Freezer/Ice Dragon Whelpling pet quest line

  • Icebreakers
  • Icebreakers II

Moonlight Whelpling pet quest line (requires completion of Argan Dungeon Master trophy)

  • The Legacy of the Moonguard Tribe


  • Having a Tiny Forest Sprite pet (obtained from defeating Nyranthix on Hard mode in the Moonlight Monastery and acquiring a Unscathed Seed) unlocks an additional dialogue option with Roc. Choosing "I have a question about this young spirit..." will allow you to access a secret shop, selling stones that allow your spirit pet to evolve with the Metamorphosis skill. You can obtain all evolutions of this Tiny Forest Sprite pet.