NPC: Recovered Argan Spirit

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"Many of us recovered, and have been helping the forest spirits rebuilding and reinforcing their village. Without your help, none of this would have happened. Thank you, *playername*."

Recovered Argan Spirit is an NPC in Argan Village. It appears after completing all of the daily quests that Roc gives you at least once in Argan Village (also indicated by unlocking the trophy Argan All-Star) and completing the quest A Glimmering Shell.

After completing the follow-up quests Tarred and Feathered and Anchors Away!, talking to the Recovered Argan Spirit and choosing the dialogue option "I would like to take the boat to the beach again." will immediately take you to East Dock in the Southern Seas.

Basic NPC Services


Item Price Stock
Major Healing Potion 7 gold, 20 silver x2
Major Mana Potion 10 gold, 80 silver x2
Recipe: Plain Waffle 2 Silver Leaf
Recipe: Argan Jungle Salad 2 Silver Leaf
Recipe: Ham and Cheese Toast 2 Silver Leaf
Schematic: Large Frame 5 Silver Leaf
Schematic: Heavy Stone Chair 5 Silver Leaf
Schematic: Wooden Bed 5 Silver Leaf
Schematic: Heavy Wooden Table 5 Silver Leaf


  • The daily quests required to unlock the trophy Argan All-Star are:
    • Knock, Knock on Wood
    • River Rescue
    • River Treasures
    • Mix and Match