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The equipment window shows your character and all of the equipment that they are currently wearing. You can hover over each individual piece of equipment to see their stats, refinement and enchants. There is no special key assigned to the equipment window, so you'll need to click it from the Status Window on the bottom-left.

You can double-click on a piece of equipment to unequip it, or drag from your inventory to the slot to equip it or swap it out for another piece. Worn pieces of your equipment still take up space and weight in your inventory, although it is no longer shown in your bag.

There are several types of equipment:

  • Gloves (also known as Forepaw, you need two separate gloves to fill both slots; main hand glove and off hand glove.)
  • Anklets (also known as Backpaw/Shoe/Foot, you need two separate anklets to fill both slots.)
  • Earrings (also known as Ear, you need two separate earrings to fill both slots.)
  • Neck (also known as Necklaces)
  • Hair (also known as Hairpins/Accessories)
  • Head (also known as Hats/Helms)
  • Tail (also known as Tailrings)
  • Back (also known as Tabards)
  • Charm (changes or adds various effects to an individual skill, only one can be equipped at a time)
  • Bag (significantly increases existing bag space/maximum weight, you do not need a bag to have an inventory)
  • Maws (toggle on/off, wear them in your mouth, mostly cosmetic)
  • Bows (also known as Ranged, can only be worn by Hunters to use ranged skills)
  • Etc. (also known as Arrows, Hunters create them in limited supply to use with Bows, may enchant their attacks with a certain element)


  • After unlocking equipment sets, two additional buttons appear at the top-right of the window, in order to access the equipment set window, and to record your current set to a set that is currently selected.
  • After unlocking costumes, the grayed out space below is no longer gray, and can be used to hide certain pieces of equipment with others. You need to obtain vanishing/concealing equipment from HM Casper (trial) to make it as if your character isn't wearing the desired piece of equipment (e.g. gloves).
  • It is necessary for Warriors to wear gloves enchanted with a specific element as their main hand glove in order to deal as much damage as possible to monsters. The off-hand glove can be any other glove, such as focusing in attack or armor/stamina stats.