NPC: Coren

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Coren is a lone trader in the High Plains of Saliko. He deals with all sorts of handicrafts, from necklaces to leather armour. He is also responsible for queuing the Stix and Stones trial.

At least one or more Small Golden Nuggets is needed in your inventory in order for him to expand his wares, giving you access the St. Patrick's Day shop. If you do not possess any, the additional wares will not be shown. These items are further down the list from his regular wares.

Basic NPC Services


Item Price Stock
Coralspike Flowers 5 silver x1
Small Red Pouch 30 silver
Small Healing Potion 35 silver
Lesser Healing Potion 35 silver x5
Green Leather Pouch 80 silver
Small Mana Potion 80 silver
Lesser Mana Potion 85 silver x5
Leather Boot 1 gold, 50 silver x2
Reinforced Leather Pouch 2 gold
Golden Earring 4 gold, 75 silver
Golden Collar 7 gold

Additional Wares

Item Price
Pair of Bodhran Drums 15 Small Golden Nuggets
Lucky Tailring 15 Small Golden Nuggets
Clover Necklace 15 Small Golden Nuggets
Penny Pouch 18 Small Golden Nuggets
Brass Pot of Gold 18 Small Golden Nuggets
Nine-Leaf Clover 25 Small Golden Nuggets
Rainbow Tabard 25 Small Golden Nuggets

Offered Quests

  • Treasures of the Depth (repeatable)