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You can play Paw'D with your mouse or your keyboard. Most players use the mouse to select targets, manage items in their bags, and the keyboard to move, attack and use abilities.

Basic Mouse Controls

Action Control
Walk Click with your mouse on the ground, where you want to go, and your character will walk there.
Jump Your character will jump over small gaps to reach the place you clicked on. For bigger gaps, you need to hit the space bar, the up arrow or the W key on your keyboard to jump.
Select If you want to use spells or other abilities on a character, click them to make a target circle appear (note that if you are in a group, you can also click their name in the group list to target them).

Once you see target circle underneath them, all of your targeted abilities will be used on them. To clear the selection, click on any empty spot in the screen (for example, the sky or the grass).

Attack If you click a character again after you selected it, you will start attacking it with your claws until you click somewhere else. You cannot attack friendly targets.
Abilities and Spells Double click an ability or spell in your Skillbook or your Hotkey bar to use it. If you have another character selected, the ability or spell will be used right away, otherwise your cursor will change into a target circle, letting you choose your target by clicking on it.
Pick Up Monsters (and also players if they choose to) can drop items on the ground. Click on an item on the map to pick it up. Items that you can pick up glow slightly when you hover them.
Drop Items Open your Inventory and drag (click and hold down the mouse button, and then move the mouse) on the ground to drop that item. Other players (and certain monsters) can pick up items that you dropped. You cannot drop items that are bound to you, but you can destroy them if you drag them on the ground.

Basic Keyboard Controls

Action Control
Walk Press your arrow keys (left, down, right), or the A, S, D keys to walk around.
Jump Press your space bar, the up arrow, or the W key to make your character jump. If you are also pressing another key to walk into a certain direction, you jump into that direction, otherwise you jump straight up.
Select Press E repeatedly to cycle between nearby hostile targets, and Q to cycle between nearby friendly targets.
Attack Press F to attack the selected target, or use your hotkey bar. By default, the keys 1-9 are assigned to your first row of hotkeys, and 1 is assigned to "Attack" - however you can change that by dragging another skill into the first hotkey box. If you do not have a target selected, one of the closest targets is selected automatically.
Abilities and Spells After assigning the ability you want to use to one of your hotkeys, press its key to use it.
Pick Up Press your R key to pick up any items near you.
Sit Down Press X to sit down, recovering health and mana more quickly[1]. Press X once more to stand up again.
Laying Down Press your down arrow key or S while you are sitting to lay down, recovering health and mana even faster[1]. To sit up again, press your up arrow key.


  1. 1.0 1.1 During combat and boss encounters, health and mana generation are locked, and sitting or laying down will not increase recovery speed.